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Short Stories by Tom Gawronski


Egg and Chicken




Tom Gawronski




Autumn. Cloudy day. Small wind blows few red and yellow leaves. Two boys are playing on a playground. One says to the other:

“What was first? Egg or chicken?”



“It’s obvious that chickens hatch from eggs. Otherwise they aren’t chickens. Egg was laid by an organism which, in the history of evolution, wasn’t a chicken yet.”

A man reading a newspaper on a bench nearby smiles, gets up, and walks away.

Next day. Sunny. Playground is full of children with parents. There is an article in a newspaper about a scientist explaining that an egg was before the chicken. The boy boasts with proud voice:

“I’ve explained that an egg was before a chicken.”

People laugh. A woman says to a boy:

“It was a scientist. Look in the newspaper”




The Bus is Mine

The Bus is Mine




Tom Gawronski



Sunny day. Bus goes on a highway. Inside the bus a man takes off his shoes pulls out his phone and puts his legs on the seat next to him. Middle aged man, sitting on the other side of the bus, looks at him and says:

“Do you feel like at home? Do you think this is your bus?”

A girl with a Down syndrome seating one seat in front of the first man is scared. With tears in her eyes she says pretty loud:

“My bus! This is my bus! My bus!”

Elder man sitting in front of the bus shouts:

“No! This is my bus!” (pause) He adds proudly: “This is my bus because I’m sitting right at the front.”

A young man sitting at the end of the bus says with a calm macho voice:

“No. This is my bus.” (pause) “I sit at the end and I can see everyone and everything. I have everyone and everything under my eye and this is my bus.”

One of two men sitting together in the middle of the bus says:

“It’s our bus.” (pause) “Because there is two of us and all the rest is alone. We have an advantage in numbers. We are the people and you are individuals.”

A boy sitting with his girlfriend says:

“There is two of us too.”

“But you’re with a girl and you two are younger. This is our bus.”

The girl with the Down syndrome and tears in her eyes says:

“My bus. This is my bus. My bus. This is my bus.”

The bus driver stops the bus gets up and looks at passengers.

Elder man says:

“And you what? Do you think that this is your bus? You’re just a driver.

Another elder man sitting in front of the bus laughs.

One man says to the driver:

“Sit down and drive.” (pause) “Because if you won’t drive on time you’ll be fired.”

Bus driver says:

“Fired? Me?”

The man says:

“Just sit and drive.”

Bus driver sits down and drives away. An overweighed middle aged woman with tears in her eyes says pretty loud:

“My bus! This is my bus! My bus! This is my bus!”

The bus stops at a bus stop. A man steps into the bus pulls out a pistol points the barrel at the driver and says:

“The bus is mine.”