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Kiss Immortal


Amie desperately wants to live a pain free life. After visiting several doctors, she finally gives up and accepts a tormented existence. 

But when she meets a dark stranger who tells her he can end her suffering; something inside her awakens! 

Will she be healed this time? Can he save her? Will he offer her a new life? A new beggining? What will all this cost her?




Kiss Immortal Chapter 1

Amie rolled over on her side. The words of the vampire burned inside her head like hot coals. 'My suffering will end?'

'Is it really possible to live a life free of death? Can this thing be true. Can my strange visitor be real?'

Gently she rubbed her achy belly. It was bound and swaddled in a scarf  she had to wear on a continuum. She desperately desired to get back to her own life. To be the person she used to be; that is before the sickness came. 

How cruel her doctors had been. And she hated them all. She had been to two gastroenterologist, and none of them had mentioned that her current NSAID's were destroying the lining of her belly. 'Those cruel bastards!' She blurted out. Now her fist were balled and had she been able to sock all of them in the face she would have at that moment. 

'But now deliverance has come. And the dark man has promised me another life; an immortal existence. And I can finally be free of this thing.' She tugged at the scarf again. It was such a burden to wear. The only time she could take it off was when she was in the shower. And as soon as her bath was over; she had to immediately wrap her belly again. 

Yes, it was that painful!

She looked at him again; and after raising up on her elbows. She extended her hand to his. "I accept, your gift. Make me immortal!"

The visitor smiled enchantingly. His pearl colored teeth, matched the hue of his skin. And after staring deep into her eyes, he grabbed her by the hand; escorting her out of bed. 

Raising her bedroom window, they slipped outside. The night air was chilly against her skin as her bare feet glided across the dew covered porch. 

A listless moon hung motionless in the sky as tiny specks of stars twinkled above their crowns. 

Amie's heart raced with anticipation. A pain free life seemed non existent up until this point. 

He lead her deep into the woods, with his icy fingers gently intertwined with hers. He didn't speak anymore until they reached a clearing and then he released her.

Amie's breath hitched as she looked down at her hand. The visitor was gone! Disappeared ! Vanished into thin air as if she'd traveled alone. 

Adrenaline raced through her veins like fervent heat. Fear and panic gripped her heart. She wanted to call out to him but she didn't; she couldn't. She was too afraid to speak. Her eyes began to  fill with tears. Her brain was second guessing her decision to trust her strange visitor.

"Gareth?" she whispered under her breath as her eyes darted about anxiously. 

Not a soul answered. All was silent in the dark of the woods as if they all had been temporarily muted. 

She turned around slowly, with her hand pressed across her belly. The scarf was slipping off again. She grimaced. "Fuck! I hate this thing!" Pulling on its corners, she tightened it again. That was the burden of her sickness. She was tired of having that thing cling to her everywhere she went. Nevertheless, she couldn't function without it.

Just then, an icy hand rested on her shoulder. "No let it go. You don't need it anymore." 

Amie spun around. It was Gareth. He'd reappeared again. 

"Gareth, where did you go? I was afraid."

"No need to be afraid. You've prayed for deliverance and now it has come. Are you ready?" His eyes flashed like two flickering candles as the moonlight danced against his irises. His russet colored locks gently swayed across his shoulders as a genial breeze slipped its airy fingers through his tresses. 

Amie swallowed hard and then answered him. "I'm ready."

Gareth stepped closer. His face so close to hers, she thought he'd lean down to kiss her; but he didn't. Tugging gently at the scarf around her waist; he loosened its grip and let it tumble to the ground. Immediately Amie grabbed her belly; crouching forward. Her brow wrinkled in pain as a long grimace stretched across her brow. 

Pain seized her belly. The source of her sorrows rang loud in her ears as her body ached for deliverance from the beast that plagued her. 

Gareth lifted her chin and stared deeply into her eyes. "Look at me!" he whispered as Amie's face knotted with torment.

"No pain!" he answered. "No pain!"

Amie stared at him through tear stained eyes. She was tired now. Tired of hurting all the time. Tired of watching others bask in the sunlight while she sat on the side lines. Now it was her turn. It was her turn to live. It was her turn to be happy; to exchange her sorrows for joy no matter what the cost.

Gareth slid behind her with his hand gently grazing her waist. Placing his hand over the top of hers, he removed it. Amie's breath hitched. "No please, it hurts." Tears streamed down her face as her chest rose and fell in a rhythmic cadence.

Gareth lowered his face closer to her ear. "Don't be afraid. The pain will pass!"

The nearness of him was intoxicating. 

His phantasmal allure was stimulating yet frightening all at the same time. Sliding his hand up the length of her thigh, he wound his porcelain stained hands into her night gown and slid it up over her head.

Amie closed her eyes as her entire body grew frigid. 

A soft gasp escaped her orifices as she bit her bottom lip; holding in any future sobs. The night gown gathered at her feet as she glanced to the ground. She closed her eyes tightly. Now she was embarrassed. Suffocating in her own shame; loathing her nakedness; while cursing the distended abdomen that bulged below her breast. 

Gareth drew her closer and rested his hand across her belly. "Shh" he whispered as his mouth rested against the folds of her ear. "Don't be afraid. The suffering is over!"

And then suddenly and without warning. He slipped  his fingers underneath the delicate fabric of her panties sliding them down below her hips. 

Amie pressed her hand over the top of her mouth. She wanted to scream. She wanted to cry. Now she was really ashamed. 'Please don't look at me' her mind raged. 'I hate my body! Please don't look at it!'

Gareth pulled her panties all the way down to her feet and when he reached her ankles, she stepped out of them. 

With all of her garments gathered at her soles; her anxieites grew all the more. What was he going to do now? What was next?

Sliding his arms around her waist. He pulled her close. Amie shook nervously until his iron clad embrace caused the discomfort in her belly to subside. And then she exhaled; leaning her head back; resting in his embrace; she stared at the stars. 

For some reason she wasn't cold anymore nor was she afraid. Everything was better, when the pain was silenced. 
With his arm still pressed firmly across her torso, Gareth softly rested his face against hers as he slowly ran his hand up and down the length of her hips. 

Softly, slowly, gently he stroked her urging a deeper yearning to awaken inside her.

"Are you ready for the gift? Or have you changed your mind?" he whispered.

"I'm ready!" answered the girl.

Amie closed her eyes and swallowed hard. As the embrace of the dark stranger increased. And then suddenly he lowered his head resting his mouth against the side of her neck and bit into her. 

"Aghh!" Amie screamed as her eyes flew open in a panic. The kiss of the stranger was piercing and unyielding as his sharp wet fangs dug into the flesh of her skin. She gasped again.


Gareth wrapped his arms around her chest. Drawing her closer urging her nearer; his teeth fastened to the side of her neck like a viper. 

Amie's knees grew weak, as the burning sensation raced through her veins. She wanted to fall to the ground as her extremities jiggled like rubber. Reaching back; her hand grazed the top of his head. 

And then, all of a sudden he was gone!

Amie screamed as her limp body came crashing to the ground. Leaves gathered about her as she stared blankly at the sky. The world started to spin as the universe took on a strange ambience.

Her vision grew dim and then she black out...