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Heroic Passion


When a young superhero’s got a crush on a notorious villain, he does some pretty questionable things.

Caught in Rubble

The villain stood in front of the glass doors, his breaths calm and collected. His suit was a bit crinkled and stained from his escapades, but it was worth it. Just beyond the barriers lied a one of the most advanced pieces technology the human race had to offer. Though it was quiet small, the highest paid engineers had manufactured a magnificent torture device- a neurotransmitter scrambler, or NS for short. It sat on a large, metal pedestal, almost begging to be picked up. With the power to utterly destroy the brain of anyone in it’s path, it was the perfect weapon for domination.


But something was wrong.


The villain gently ran a gloved hand across the glass, his fingers tracing nonsensical shapes as he submerged himself in his thoughts. Was it really supposed to be this fast? Was the weapon this easy to snatch from the world, to make it all his? No- there had to be a trap, and he would find out.


Manifesting an energy shield from thin air, he held it in front of his face, and curiously pushed against the door. He had a gas filter attached to his costume’s mask, which he knew was capable of saving him from toxins in the air. Still, he never knew what would shoot out of the room.




The villain slowly crept forward, a smile spreading across his face as he pushed the glass further away. The NS seemed much more beautiful to him in real life- it’s metal sleeker and than he had expected, and buttons shinier than he had realized. It was a work of art, as well as a work of mass destruction. 


Just a little closer...




The villain teetered from the sudden blow, letting out a gasp as he was slammed against the wall. To his anger, his assailant was a rather young, meddling superhero- and barely so. The child was only eighteen, and still had quite a brash, immature mentality. 


The villain narrowed his eyes. “Took you long enough. I wonder what your precious headquarters has to say about that?”


The hero shrugged, and kept the man pressed firmly against the wall. “We’re deep underground. The layers of dirt block tracking signals and make it hard to find you- but then again, maybe it’s because you’re dirt yourself.”


The villain landed a kick in the hero’s thigh, and left a brown footprint on the red costume his enemy wore. The hero gasped from the pain, and tried landing a punch back- only to have his fist intercepted by the much more experienced fighter.


“Are you fighting with skill, or fear?” the villain taunted, twisting the hero’s wrist until he yelled. “You’re hardly an adult, I don’t see why they push you into this business.”


“So-ah- so you don’t go killing people!” the hero retorted as unpleasant sensations coursed through his arm. He then head-butted the villain, and took the advantage of surprise to pin him to the floor again.


“So, fear, then,” the villain remarked, completely unfazed. “Tell me- do you even know was the NS does?”


The villain punched the hero square in the jaw, making the much younger man howl and clutch his face. He then threw a energy shield at him for good measure, stood up, and planted a foot roughly on his body.


“Poor baby,” the villain sneered, digging his boots into his victim’s spine. “This isn’t really your fault, since you’re a bit brainwashed. However, the fact that you haven’t snapped out of it says something about you.”


The hero weakly glanced up at his enemy, still rubbing his jaw. The pain had left, due to the younger man’s superhuman healing abilities, but it was the memory of it that hurt him.


“Snap out of what?” the hero mouthed off. “You’re using that to destroy brains! You’re a walking rabies virus! It’s-“


“It’s for people who opposes the right way-*my* way. Society is twisted, the justice system is backwards, and someone needs to fix it.”


The hero scowled. “Who says it has to be you?”


And all the while, as the villain stood dominantly over him with a triumphant stance, the hero began to feel something he couldn’t quite describe.


“It may not have to have been me,” the villain agreed, “But it has to be *somebody*. Be the change you want to see.”


“You sound like a cheap, stupid motivational card.”


“You really *are* childish, aren’t you?”


The hero, about to retort, was jolted by the sudden alarm ringing through the air. The sound blared as if a national emergency had taken place, and both fighters froze for a good few seconds. 


Then, almost as soon as it had begun, it was over.


“What...what was that?” the hero wondered aloud, staring at the ceiling. Then, he shifted his gaze towards the villain. “What the hell did you do?”


The villain, snapping out of his trace, glared at the boy beneath his feet. “Typical of you to blame me for everything. I....”


The villain trailed off, realizing that where the NS had sat on the pedestal, the space was now empty. Fear burrowing into his heart, he darted his eyes quickly around the room, eventually finding it on the floor.


“It appears that thanks to your sudden intrusion, we knocked it over,” the villain explained. “Stay here and kiss it all you want. I’m leaving before the security traps set in.”


The villain pushed himself off the hero and ran towards the exit, leaving the hero nearly breathless from the sudden release of pressure. Taking a few, long awaited breaths, he scrambled to his feet and followed suit. No weapon was worth his life- and for what it was worth, it would probably be destroyed when the place came crashing down.


“You’ll be in bars as soon as I get out of here!” the hero yelled as he ran down the halls of the underground complex, eventually matching his enemy’s speed. “I’ll be laughing at you too- all this was for nothing!”


The villain rolled his eyes, and continued his escape. The walls behind them began to collapse, and the ground seemed to fold in on itself, barely catching the two in its grasp. Rubble began to fall a few feet behind them, threatening to capture them before they reached the exit.


“So you’re not going to talk to me?” the hero huffed. “Is that it? You’re just a sour grump.”


“I’m old enough to be your father, and I could beat the living shit out of you and throw you into the rubble behind us,” the villain threatened. “Keep talking and see what happens. You’re lucky all I care about is my life right now, instead of ending yours.”


The hero, startled by the backlash, shut up immediately. Rubbing his earrings- a habit he had picked up to de-stress himself, he continued his quick pace and ignored what had just happened- at least, he *tried* to.


Almost there...




“FUCK,” the villain screamed rather immaturely. Metal bars from the curling has crashed down onto his lithe figure, trapping him in place. Before he could move, even more beams continued to rain upon him, trapping his limbs and head into place. He stood there awkwardly, attempting to wrestle his way out of the metal.


By then, the complex had finished throwing its destructive tantrum.


Everything fell silent, except for the villain’s grunts of effort. The walls stopped collapsing- they were far too damaged to take anymore. The ceiling-or what was left of it- ceased spitting down torrents of metal debris. The hero held a hand over his mouth, realizing that the entire underground building  was destroyed-


Including the NS.


“Wow, you almost made it,” the hero laughed,  amused by how he villain had just *barely* managed to fail. The older man was still trapped, and threw the boy a hateful stare. A smile spread through the hero’s sea of freckles as he realized the man was now entirely at his mercy.


“Ooh, this would be a bad time to suddenly show an evil side of me, wouldn’t it?” the hero giggled, stepping closer to the man trapped in the bars. “Think about it. I could tickle you, call you the worst names imaginable, pull your hair out one by one, maybe even-“


“Would you shut up already?” the villain snapped, seeing if he could at least wiggle his left arm free. “I swear, they should have an age limit for you self-righteous lunatics. Thirty years old and over!”


“Nope,” the hero denied. “The law says eighteen and up, and here I am. I even know how to do taxes now- er, I *think*.


While the villain struggled, the hero noticed something odd in the older man’s pants. A protrusion just beneath the skin tight fabric of the stealth suit. Could it be a weapon? A baton, perhaps? Some kind of knife? 


The hero cocked a brow. “Damn, you’re just chock full of fighting gear, aren’t you? At least it’s not the NS.”


The villain paused his struggling to glance at the teenager. What are you talking about?”


The hero pointed to the area just to the side of his crotch. “That. I guess you’re not shooting anyone with it now.”


The villain looked down, his face instantly melting into every shade of red imaginable. He tried crossing his legs over one another, but failed- the beams that had fallen last kept his limbs splayed out against his will.


“You have nothing better to do so just *leave*!” the villain said quickly, his tongue nearly tripping over his words. “Go! It’s not like you care about my situation, so get out!”


The hero ignored him, transfixed by the large bulge swathed in the black fabric. He become a little jealous that the villain had a pocket in his suit for that- why couldn’t *he* get an extra pocket there? It would be especially useful to carry some pepper spray, or some other weapon he could easily whip out with low effort.


But what weapon could the *villain* possibly be hiding in there?”


The hero crept closer, making the villain stare in shock.


“What the hell are you doing?” the older man hissed at the redhead. “You’ve got things to do!”


“Yeah, but I kinda wanna pull out what you’ve got there,” the hero explained, kneeling down to caress the lump. “I could use some extra fighting gear- and this one’s for free.”


The hero smiled- but that expression was quickly wiped off his face when he poked at it, and realized it wasn’t metal at all. It was *soft*. Granted, it was a little hard, but the outside texture certainly wasn’t. The villain tried to kick the hero away, but all he ended up doing was pushing the bulge closer to the hero with the untimely thrusts of his pelvis.


“Get away from me!” the villain yelled. “Don’t do anything stupid. I told you to *leave*!”


“Since when do I do anything you tell me to?” the hero mumbled under his breath, reaching into a hole in the center of his enemy’s crotch to pull the strange object out. “Wow. It’s pretty thick. How’d you even stuff that in there?”


“*STOP IT!*”


The hero shook his head, and pulled out a large slab of flesh, with a bulbous head at the end. It was a perfect tan color, and ridges surrounding it gave it such an interesting texture that the hero couldn’t help but stroke it in his hands a few times. After a few moments of toying with it, he glanced up at the villain.


“Wow,” he breathed. “You’re *big*.”


The villain was shaking in rage and embarrassment, each emotion crashing over the other into a perfect half-blend of bewilderment. He closed his eyes for a few moments to calm himself, then narrowed his eyes as fiercely as he could at the boy below him.


“You have five seconds to let go of it,” the trapped man hissed, hoping he sounded intimidating. “One...”


“I’m calling your bluff,” the hero interrupted, placing the villain’s cock on his face and letting it rest there. What drew his attention was just how *heavy* it felt across his cheeks, nose, and lips. “You’re stuck there pretty bad. And why is your face the color of a baboon’s ass?”


The villain’s eyes widened as much as they possibly could I at the obscene sight of the hero at his knees. What could possibly drive him to do this?


“Doesn’t matter!” the villain yelled. “Just-NO!”


The hero, to his horror, grabbed a hold of his cock and began to run his face up and down it. The hero let it caress every part of his features, even letting it rub across his lips a little. Enjoying how warm it was, he even let the tip trace the letters of his own name onto his face.


And before the villain could utter another word, the tip was quickly popped into the teen’s mouth.




“Shut up!” the hero whined. There was frustration in his voice, but something else too. It was almost as if the villain deprived him off something he...*needed*. “I’m serious. You do nothing but yell. You know what?”


The hero removed the tip from his mouth, allowing a small string of saliva to bridge the gap, then broke it with a flick of his tongue. Then, he ripped off some fabric from below the large cock- tearing it off as roughly as he could, and tied it around the villain’s mouth. It made quite an effective gag- the villain’s shouts were filtered into only muffled murmurs now. 


“That’s better,” the hero sighed, getting back on his knees. “Now, let me do this. I’m just curious, you know?”