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Semper Fi


A United States Marine named Avery starts his next tour in only a few days. Thinking it'll be a normal one is what he thought was going to happen, but what he doesn't know is that something is coming for him.

First Thoughts

   The call just went out, that Averys' next tour date is on August 28, 2021, and he had to go to the plane to go out to Virgina at Twelve o'clock in the morning. He planned on going to sleep very early to get a decent nine to eleven hours of sleep so he can be ready and prepared for his tour.   Early that night after he woke up he put his uniform on as he was writing a note to his wife telling her that if he doesn't come back, to move on and continue her life as if they never met. As Avery wrote the note, he slowly started crying knowing the devistation his wife will feel when she is told about the death of her husband. As he left the house his son came running down, knowing where he was going off to, he hugged him very tight as both softly shed tears. Moments later he arrived at the operating base to do quick analysis of the mission and then have rest. The day was August 27th, the day before deployment. As he was getting the descirption on the mission, he felt that it would've been a easy get in get out. The mission was go into a war torn area in Iraq to help the civilians, and take out any apossing threats. When the mission brief was over they were told to eat as much as possible and sleep as long as possible. Avery did that just, he ate like a pig. Knowing that his next meal on the plane was most likely a very nutritious, yet nasty tasting MRE.

As they were on the plane he felt something in his uniform. When he looked for what he was, it was a piece of folded paper. But not just any note, a note from his son standing next to a flag with his father holding his hand. Avery sat there smiling telling himself that he was going home. 

Two miles away from the drop zone they were told that they had to get off at this area. There were twenty eight war ready men on the plane who were ready for anything. They swiftly and quickly got into paratrooper formation. Three.....Two.....One....They jumped. Pitch black where they were, which was perfect to get everyone on the ground safely. Only a few miles away from the actual drop zone, they made haste and started hiking towards the area.

Area Secure

About five minutes away from the drop zone which is a big village composed of civilians is where they're headed. As they draw near, they hear gun fire. Thinking that its terrorists they quickly run towards the compound. As they get there, a group of fifty-eight men are idling by shooting into the sky scaring the locals. The team is told to hold fire till they get comfirmation they're terrorists. They are told that they are, and quickly attach suppressors, as soon as they each grab a target they begin firing. One after another slowly dropping to the ground, they quickly kill part of the group, and split up to finish it off in the area. As they secure the area, they set up camp outside of the village and get all set up for the sun rise.

As the sun slowly rises, Avery and his men that he is leading, slowly wake up for a day of visiting the locals. As they meet them they see the Iraqies' moving all the bodies out of the area, knowing what the Marines have done, they greet and feed them. As they're being fed a civilian comes in yelling while staring at the group of Marines. He seemed very scared, and got out quick. As Avery and his men finished up eating a truck arrives, an english speaking civilian comes up to them and asks for them to get on the truck, and that they're heading over to a city that has a large amount of territory occupied by terrorists threatening the city locals and lynching and killing them. Avery calls in for a large amount of equipment and medical supplies. With his background of war, Avery knows he is going to need it. As the chopper arrives and drops the equipment, Avery has all his men equiped with heavy machine guns, and orders two of his men to be spotter and sniper for him. The men leave off, unsure of whats going to happen, they all either pray or look at photos and pictures to cheer them up.

Horrors of War

As they arrive, they already could hear a large amount of gun fire, and guns going off near them. As they drive through the city the military truck starts getting shots fire on. Avery knew it was nothing big and ordered one of his men on the machine gun. Yelling and screaming with joy, he starts killing all the terrorists in the area. A few minutes down the road, the truck stops at a building and the driver tells the men that this is an area of heavy threat. The men get out and secure the building. There were only a few threatening forces in the building. One of the men was shot, but not bad, and they secured the building with only small casualty. As they got back into the truck, the driver wasn't moving the truck when asked to.

When they checked to see what was wrong they saw blood all over the place and a hole in the glass. As Avery looked at the man, his face was ripped apart. Avery yelled sniper as everyone ran out of the vehicle. They all looked around aiming at any window and high area. They found nothing until a shot was fired and skinned Avery in the cheek, barely missing him. He now knew where it came from and ordered a open fire on that area, killing the sniper and his spotter.

As they got into the vehicle and started driving off, they could tell that it was very silent in the area. So silent it was suspicious to Avery and his men. As they were driving off one of the men saw someone running into a building, and thinking nothing of it, he said nothing. As they were driving an explosion went off....Everything went black, and gun fire started going off. As they all got out Avery looked everywhere and there were forces known as ISIS firing from every direction. Looking to his left he saw one of his men instantly drop to the ground. Shot in the head and killed instantly. Avery just stood there still shooken from the explosion, looking around as one, two, three, four, and more of his men dropping to the ground. As Avery stood there he was quickly shot in the side, which instatly dropped him, and he called for a retreat to a heavy populated area of buildings good for cover. Only twenty-one men still walking by Averys' side as he orders a open fire on the evil force attacking them, catching them by surprise, they put down some of the forces, and then one of his men ran out into the middle screaming "Semper Fi". As he started running out grenades came out and he was shot multiple times and landed on a grenade and was blown to pieces. Avery seeing that he instantly thought he was failing his men by being a bad leader. More and more of his men die as he's trying to kill as many of the terrorists as possible. Avery was shot several times in the legs and arm and was dragged away by one of his commrades while five others from his group followed him, the rest volunteered to stay back and fight off the rest of them. As he got into the building, he calmed down, the gun fire stopped, and his heart immediatly dropped. Feeling extreamely scared and hopeless he looked at the picture his son gave him. As Averys' adrenaline kept going, he couldn't even tell he was shot. He got back up and ordered his men to go stealth through the building to find an exit. As they exited all the evil forces were gone and he found all his left behind team has been killed. The sight instantly scared his mind as he just starred at the dead bodies.

End thoughts

As he starred at the bodies, he thought about his family and how he needs to continue. He collected all there dog tags in a sign of respect. He finally called in for evac and a mission failed status, and was told to get to an area 5 miles away from all the city. And Avery and his men quickly started moving. Averys' thoughts on the situation were dark. He kept thinking he wasn't going to see his family. He's been in the Marine Corps for Ten Years and has only been through one other mission just as bad, which was where he was in a firefight for a couple hours. He never thought that this would be as long of a mission as he thought. 

As they were getting to evac, another ambush came in. Pissed and ready for another battle, the men quickly ran into a building and used the area as advantage. As they started killing the enemies, a grenade came in, and Averys' second in commands took instant responsibility and jumped on the grenade covering the blast injuring him extremely. Coughing up blood, yet still breathing, he said that we were going to live. During that men came in and shot down three of the marines leaving Avery and his injured friend. Pissed, and angry, Avery instantly resorted to CQC (Close quarters combat) killing the five enemies. With his blood pumping he grabbed his friend and ran out of the building.

From Anger to Pain

As Avery got out the door he was stopped by three men who were aiming guns at him. Out of nowhere, the three enemies dropped one by one. Avery then saw the other two guys he sent to do recon. He gathered his barrings and brought them down, and headed to the evac.

As they got to the area Avery heard two gun shots, and turned around and a terrorist dropped. Avery was shot in the head, and he wasnt dead so he thought it didnt go through. Then Avery passed out.

He woke up in a hospital with the man who saved his life, and his recon team sitting next to him.

They all explained how he was shot in the head and was extremely lucky to have survived such a blow to the head.

That day he couldn't remember much from that day mission. But luckily was healthy enough to go back home and see his lovely family.


"What happened next then father?" The son asked. As the father answered he started crying, "The Marine came home to his family, and quickly running to kid son and wife. Holding them tight telling them that he's done with military"

"Dad? Why are you crying?" Averys son asked

Avery Replied saying "Because, that story was about me and my men. I can't remember much because I was injured"

The son said "I want to be just like you"


16 Years later

"I promise I'll come back Dad, I will only be gone for a few days, it'll be a quick war." said the son.

Avery replied by saying "I love you."