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I used to be a writer on the now shut-down sight, Textnovel, then I moved over onto Wattpad before finally settling here on WriterSky. Wattpad unfortunalty was not what I was looking for as a writer, but now I'm a very happy on this site where my stories can be read, after having such string of bad luck. I will be still semi-writing on Wattpad but only for contests and non-fiction purposes, so please check out what I have left there.

I am very passionate about writing and I also love to draw (though I am one hell of a horrendous artist at the moment, but that's what I get for being so stuborn as a kid when it came to improving lol). I love fantasy stories and fairy-tales (modern or classic), slice-of-life, and horror. Love stories are also something that I enjoy, the light-novel genre, and manga. 

My favorite things about a story is the langauge and the details. Authors that can paint a beautiful picture in your head or make you drool over a deletable vision of a banquet fit for royalty, authors like Robin Mckinly and Suzanne Collins, are truely ones to be admired, and are inspiring.

I'm a Studio Ghibli fanatic ever since I watched Spirited Away at a childhood friends home when I was seven; Howls Moving  Castle is my top number one and I am currrently reading the book! I shamelessly LOVE cartoons. Bee and Puppycat is my new favorite  one at the moment.  I even own the cook-book!

I'm in love with art, and Natasha Allegri, and Camellia d'Errico are two of my favorite artists. I encourage you guys to check out their works if you feel like you're stuck in a rut with art-block. Their beautiful works will generously inspire you to be yourself with your art. Or they might give you inspiration for your stories. The graphic novel, Tanpopo, is great for both of those!

Please take the time to read my stories as they are worth it. You won't be disappointed. 
Updates can be slow because my life can get very busy, but I promise there is more to come. "A Little Light Left" is my passion project and I am very excited to share it with you all!

Please also leave me feedback to let me know where I can improve. It would be very much apperciated!


Apr 24th, 2019
New chapter for a Little Light Left!


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