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Save Me: Book One of the Gatekeepers


Lucy and Mia are young, ambitious, and fresh out of high school. Unsure of where their path will lead them, they decide to head to California, where fame and fortune await the brave. Well, the brave and The Gatekeepers, an up-and-coming band whose star is on the rise. So before these five hard rockers come to a town near you, get to know the guys:

Leo Roberts: True to his lion like nature, he is the protector and leader of the group. But in the end, who will he end up saving? 

Shane Hyde: Well known around campus for being a guitar playing, handsome heartbreaker, but when fate gives him a special gift, what will he do?

Victor Evans: The shy soft-spoken guitar playing cutie who strums his way into Lucy's heart.

Owen Bishop: A beat busting drummer who will never grow up- it's a trap!

Jay Abrams: The baby bass player of the group who will put up with all the teasing because its worth it to be in this band.

The Gatekeepers are here to rock your world.




"Ms. Combs, I realize the school year is coming to an end, but that does not give you an excuse to not pay attention." Mr. Peters said, snapping me out of my daze and bringing me back down to earth.  

"Sorry.." I replied quietly, wishing I could sink into my sweatshirt. I felt my face turn a deep red and he motioned for me to take out my earbud and I reluctantly did so. I was listening to the latest release from my newest favorite band, The Gatekeepers.

The Gatekeepers were an up and coming local band. So close to home that two of the members were sitting in my Algebra II class with me right at that moment. Everyone knew the five of them were best friends, but hardly anyone knew, or really seemed to care about their music.

Owen Bishop, the band's drummer sat behind me and sent me a warm smile that made me feel a little better about the public humiliation Mr. Peters had just subjected me to. He gave me a thumbs up and pointed to my notebook which was open and revealed my interpretation of the band's logo. I smiled shyly and turned away. His shaggy black hair, friendly blue eyes, and adorable laugh were the epitome of cute.

Next to him sat Leo Roberts, the band's singer. His voice is absolutely heavenly, and so are his arm muscles, but it's not like I'd ever get the guts to tell him that. Thank god for tank tops. Unlike the rest of the group, he had very short hair- almost a buzz cut. His hazel eyes were enough to make any girl weak in the knees.

Speaking of knees, Shane Hyde knew all about getting a girl to get on hers. He was well known around campus for being totally gorgeous and being able to convince just about any girl he wants to go to bed with him. His warm brown eyes felt inviting and safe, but from what I'd heard, Shane Hyde, aka "The Monster," lived up to his name. He'd never spoken a single word to me, and little did he know I jammed out to his guitar solos while doing last night's homework.

Their bass player was Jay Abrams. He was a year below us, and that seemed to be just the ammunition the other guys needed to make fun of him; in a boys-will-be-boys friendly way of course. His age along with his short stature made him the perfect target for ridicule. His bleached blonde hair was always styled into a mohawk that looked sharp enough to inflict pain if touched. Maybe he spiked up his hair to make up for his lack of height.

Finally, there's the other guitarist, Victor Evans. He wasn't exactly the most social of the group, but he was definitely the cutest. His sweet smile and lip ring combined with his piercing green eyes made my heart melt every time we passed each other in the hallways. We'd never spoken a single word to each other, I doubted he even knew my name. But someday he would.

The bell rang to dismiss my final class of the year and I thanked God and cursed Mr. Peters all in the same breath. I'd quickly made my way to the door, I was just steps away to ending my high school career for good.

"Hey, wait up!" Owen said, quickly shoving things into his black book bag and swinging it over his back. He flipped his black hair out of his eyes and I looked around, searching for someone else. Was he talking to me? "Lucy, right?" He asked, reaching into his pocket.

"Uh, yeah, that's me. You're Owen Bishop, right?" I'd asked as if I hadn't  known. He nodded, choosing to ignore my obvious lie and handed me a folded up piece of paper.

"It's a flyer for our show at the Pizza Palace tonight, I figured you'd be interested in attending." He said with a smile. I returned it shyly and nodded.

"Thanks, I'll be there." I said. He patted my shoulder and replied,

"No, thank you. Hometown support is extremely important to a growing band." I nodded in agreement and said,

"Yeah, you guys really are something. I can tell you'll go far." He smiled and waved, approaching Leo and walking out of the classroom.

I'd practically skipped to my car. High school was completely over for me. No more bitchy girls, no more douchey boys,  and no more teachers preying on me for being the quiet one. It was all over. Now all that was left was the real world.

"Lucy!" Shouted my best friend, Mia Lazzari, from across the parking lot. I smiled and waved to her happily.

"High school is over!! All we have to do is graduate tonight and we're done! Ahh!" She exclaimed. I nodded and walked towards her, being just as giddy as she was.

"Guess what? The tickets for our flight to Cali came in the mail today! We're really going! I can't believe it. Thanks for coming with me, it'd be terrifying to be doing this alone." She admitted. I draped my arm around her shoulder and replied,

"I know you'd follow any crazy dream I had, that's what best friends do." I assured. She sent me a warm smile and stepped into her car.

"I gotta go get ready. See you tonight! Class of 2020!!" She shouted happily as she turned the key, starting the car. I laughed and waved goodbye to her, walking towards my own car.

The clock on my dash said three o' clock. Three hours until graduation started, and then it was all over.


But it had only just begun.




"Lucy! They're coming to town, it's their last stop on the tour! We have to go, we just have to!" Mia exclaimed, excitedly showing me her computer screen.

"Tickets are seventy five bucks, Mia. Can we afford that?" I asked, squinting at the tiny text.

"Sure, we'll find a way to make it work. Why have a food budget for next week when we could go see them in concert instead?" She asked.

"Because everyone knows concerts are more important than food, right?" I asked sarcastically.

"Right!" She replied, giggling with glee as she ordered the tickets. "The tickets should be coming in the mail soon! I've never been more excited for mail in my whole life." She said. I rolled my eyes and smiled. Sure, she was a dorky roommate. But she was my dorky roommate. I'd probably have literally been on the streets if it wasn't for her.

We weren't exactly the richest people in the world. Mia was an aspiring writer, but me? Well, I didn't  know what I wanted to do with my life. That's why I moved out to California with her, I needed a change of scenery so I could figure it out. Until I did so I'd be living off of the checks my grandparents sent me each month and my small savings account.

"You think we'll get close enough for Shane to sweat on me?" She asked.

"A girl can dream, can't she?" I asked with a smile. She nodded and smiled back, going back to typing away on her laptop.


*   *   *   *


"Release the beast from it's cage!!" The crowd sang as Leo pointed the microphone towards the

audience. The crowd's enthusiasm was absolutely intoxicating. This was my first real concert, and I was totally happy to be losing my concert virginity to them.

Mia was nowhere to be found, and I assumed she'd either found a better spot to watch or found a hot guy to make out with. As I was daydreaming and head banging to the music, a guy bumped into me. I figured it was an accident and ignored it. Mia had gotten us pit seats, and despite my small stature I'd managed to reach the edge of the stage.    

During Shane's guitar solo, Victor walked to the edge to greet his adoring fans. We locked eyes and he leaned down and I could swear he was about to lift me on stage as he reached out his hand for fans to touch. The band wasn't too monumental yet, the ink was fresh on their high school diplomas and they had the hot-boy-next-door look with a heavy rock edge to it.

The crowd was big, huge even. I'd began to wonder, did they remember me? The quiet girl from math class who absolutely loved their music from the very beginning? Doubt it. They'd   gotten fans with bigger tits to fawn over them.      

I'd felt someone rub against me again.

"Hey, gorgeous, what's your name?" A guy standing behind me, and a little too close for comfort said. It was clear that he was trying to sound attractive, and I could practically taste the thick alcohol coating his breath. They really should not have been selling drinks besides water at that concert.

"Hey, none of your business." I said, turning to face away from him and then trying to scoot away. It was hard to get around the hundreds of fans surrounding me, but I'd found a free spot and went back to watching. He'd followed me and started poking my back, and I tried to ignore him, but his touching started to escalate. He started out with just little pokes on my back, trying to annoy me like a little sixth grade boy who had a crush. Then he began to rub my shoulders and slid his hands down to my hips. He forcefully turned my body toward his and plucked open the first two buttons on my shirt.  I smacked his hand away and nearly punched him out, but he grabbed my hand mid-swing.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" He asked with a drunken smirk. For someone who was intoxicated, his reflexes were still pretty sharp. Or was I just a bad fighter?

"Get the hell off of me!" I shouted, trying to free myself from his tight grasp. His hand was big enough to hold both of mine tightly. "Fucking let go!" I shouted, kicking him with all my might as I  desperately tried to free myself.

"Come on, girl. Don't be like that. You know you want me, I know I want you, so let's take this party somewhere a little more private." He said, his breath hot against my ear. He started to drag me back further and deeper into the crowd. I went against him as hard as I could. I'd started out front row, but now thanks to him I was around row five or six, but I was still pretty close to the stage. I started to scream as loud as I could, and being a girl, it sounded like something out of a horror movie. But since I was at a concert, I feared no one could hear me over all the other screams.

After a desperate thirty seconds that felt like thirty minutes of trying to break his death tight grasp, the music stops and I heard a voice that stood out among the rest.

"Get the hell off of her." A man said. Finally! Some help around here. I turned around to see who my savior was, ready to thank him, and I was shocked. It was Leo. Behind him stood Owen and Victor. They looked like they were really ready to pack a punch if necessary. The guy just stood there frozen, in as much shock as I was. I couldn't believe they'd stopped the entire concert, just for me. I couldn't help but feel a little special.

"Excuse me," Owen said, "You must not have heard him, so let me make this clear as possible. Let. Her. Go."  Owen said threateningly. He towered over the guy, being at least six inches taller.

"You-You're Owen Bishop! I'm a huge fan!" The guy stammered.

"No, you're obviously not. No real fan would try to do this to an innocent girl, let alone at our freaking concert!" Victor shouted. All eyes were on us and I could feel my pulse pump in my ears. Was this a dream? Wake up, Lucy. Wake up.

"Now what I want you to do is get the hell out of here. And never come back." Leo said, eyeing the guy up and down. I could practically see the fear being struck into my attacker's heart like a lightning bolt.

"You want her?" He asked, smirking again. "Take her!" He shouted, shoving me to the ground. He tried to run away, but he was stumbling around because of the booze flooded in his system. The surrounding fans wouldn't let him by, and I couldn't help but smile. Two security guards grabbed his arms, much like he had done to me. It didn't look like they'd be letting go any time soon either.

"This isn't over!" He shouted as he was dragged away.

I grunted from the pain of being pushed to the hard ground and a hand was offered to me. it was Victor's. This simple touch sent a shiver down my spine. He asked,

"Are you okay? Why don't you wait backstage until the concert is over? Leo will take you back there, won't ya Leo?" Leo nodded, smiled, took my hand and brought me backstage. Once we were back there, he gestured to one of the two couches that were the green room.  He went back out to the stage and said,

"Boy, Owen. That guy was a real nightmare, wasn't he?" I could hear the smile in his voice. Owen replied with,

"Indeed he was!" And with that, they finished the concert. I sat backstage and laid on the couch, just listening. They played "Nightmare, "Pictures On The Wall," "Blame Me," and ended the show with a beautiful acoustic rendition of "It Was Always You"

After the concert, the guys' roadies packed up their instruments and cleared the stage and I was beginning to think they'd forgotten about me. But as if all in the blink of an eye, I was surrounded by my five favorite guys on the planet. Owen sat on my right on the couch, Leo on my left. Shane and Victor shared the couch adjacent to us and Jay just stood.

"How you feeling?" Victor asked, sounding concerned. He placed his hand on top of mine supportingly and I felt the spark again.

"I'm fine I guess." I said. "Actually, you guys are my favorite band in the entire world! So in reality, I'm feeling pretty a-freaking-mazing!" I exclaimed. I was fangirling, and the guys found it hilarious. "In all seriousness though, thanks for saving me, guys."

"No problem." Shane said with a smile.

"Hyde, you weren't even there!" Owen pointed out, laughing. Leo rolled his eyes at his friends and turned to me,

"You're welcome, it's really no trouble sweetheart." He said. I couldn't help but turn red in the face and giggle. "Is this your first concert?" He asked. I nodded shyly.

"Well don't let a creep like that discourage you from coming to more. Take it as a compliment, you're freaking adorable and he just wanted to get with you!" Jay said. All the guys laughed, but I was still a little shaken up about the situation. I managed an awkward smile.

"I'm sorry if this sounds weird, but have I met you before? You look awfully familiar." Shane said. I smiled wide, I couldn't help it, he remembered me!

"Yeah, actually. We went to high school together." I replied. Shane snapped his fingers and said,

"Yeah! You're the girl who came to our very first show at the Pizza Palace! Oh man, I can't believe that was only a year ago." I nodded happily.

"Yup, that was me. I've literally been a fan since the beginning." I said. They all smiled.

"We really appreciate that. We do what we do for the fans." Leo said wholeheartedly. Jay added,

"And for tits." Victor slapped his arm. I laughed and Victor turned towards me. His smile seemed to put the whole world on pause. He asked,

"So which one of us is your favorite?"

"Oh come on, don't make me pick." I replied shyly, shuffling my feet on the floor.

"Oh, we're making you pick. And we're not leaving until you do." Owen said, smiling at me.

"Oh God, Owen, you're just as charming as you were in high school." I said, rolling my eyes and laughing.

"So he's your favorite?" Leo asked.

"Well, I do love him. And you, and Victor, and Shane, and even Jay!" I replied.

"Wait, the fans like Jay? Why...?" Shane asked sarcastically.

"Seriously, come on! Which one of us is your favorite?" Victor asked. "We're not gonna get offended."

I thought for a minute and then asked, "Okay, you know I love you all, right?" They all nodded, seeming anxious for my answer. "But I did like Shane and Victor first. I have like, a guitargasm whenever they play." I said quickly, smiling wide. Victor and Shane gave each other a high five.

"Woo! I'm the favorite, once again. All the cute ones go for Vic, but the extra hot ones always come to me." Shane said, winking at me. I flushed red again and he laughed.

"Hey, do you guys want to go to Johnny's Bar for a drink to celebrate the fact that this girl didn't like, die at our concert?" Leo asked. My smile faded and I tried not to let it show, but Victor noticed.

"Why you look so sad?" He asked. "Aren't you coming? You are old enough to drink, right?" He teased.

"Obviously not," I said with a laugh. "I turned eighteen only three months ago and immediately moved out here." I replied. His eyes widened.

"Well, as I'm sure you're aware, we're not old enough just yet either. But being a rock star has it's perks. People seem more likely to ask for my autograph rather than my ID. Just stick with us and you'll be fine, okay?" I nodded shyly.

"Taking an underage girl to a bar. Smart move, Vic. I'm sure this'll end real well." Owen said, shoving Victor's shoulder. I laughed and Leo said,

"What're we waiting for? To Johnny's!"




"Another round over here!" Owen shouted towards the bartender. The bartender nodded and grabbed two more beers. Owen and Jay were drunk off their asses and we all watched as Jay struck out with a girl at the bar table. I couldn't help but feel kind of bad for him;  But in her defense, I'd watched as he drunkenly muttered the same cliché pick up line to three other girls within the last twenty minutes.

A song comes on that I don't know and I walked towards the bar table to sit down to catch my breath from so much dancing. I felt my phone buzz and managed to push it out of the front pocket of my tight pants.


Where are you?! Was that you that everyone was freaking out about?-M


I guess word travels fast at a concert.


Yes, that was me. But don't worry, I'm fine now. More than fine in fact, I'm at Johnny's Bar with all the guys! -L


The guys took you to a bar? Oh man. Just be careful, okay? I don't want you getting your heart broken by a player like Shane Hyde. -M


Relax, I know you called dibs on him so I won't touch him. -L


You're a good friend. Text me in the morning, I wanna know every detail!-M


I gestured to the bartender and he approached me.

"What'll it be?" he asked.

"Vodka and Coke please." I replied. He nodded and fixed my drink as I sat separate from everyone else sitting at the bar table. The song changed to one I absolutely loved and I just sat, listening and absorbing the music. A smooth, melodic voice broke me out of my zone.

"Can I buy your drink...?" The voice asked shyly. I turned around and it was Victor. His dazzling green eyes stared at me with apprehension. I smiled and answered,

"Of course you can." The bartender gave me my drink and Victor took out his wallet and put five dollars on the table. He ordered a beer for himself and we clinked our drinks together.

"Cheers. To the fact that no one has asked for either of our IDs, to obliviousness!" Victor said with a small laugh.

"Cheers!" I responded as we clinked our glasses together. After that there was a silence. What was I supposed to say to him?

"You guys had a really good show tonight. Believe it or not, I’m glad I came." I managed to say.

"I'm glad you came too. Otherwise we never would've met. Well, met again." He replied shyly, smiling and looking at his feet. Was he flirting with me? He was certainly trying to, and it was too cute. He was so nervous; I couldn't imagine why.

Pantera's "Walk" began playing in the background.

"I love this song!" I shouted, trying to keep in my inner fangirl. Victor laughed.

"Me too! Pantera rocks! So tell me about yourself. What brought you to Cali after high school?"

"My best friend has all these crazy dreams and ambitions, and I'm kind of just following her along for the ride. I'm actually pretty unextraordinary." I admitted, looking away and taking a big gulp of my drink. He scoffed and replied,

"I reject that argument and counter it with this one: everyone is extraordinary. There is no "ordinary." You are who you are and you're different from everyone else. Whether it's you, taking this crazy risk and coming to Cali with nothing, or it's me, who for some reason thinks I could be a famous guitarist, you're extraordinary. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." My heart leaped from his passionate words and I smiled.

"Brawn and brains, you're quite the package, Mr. Evans." He laughed and offered me his hand as a slow song comes on,

"D-Do you wanna dance?" He asked nervously.

"I'd love to." I answered happily. His face lit up and he took me out to the center of the dance floor. He held me tight all throughout the entire song, and halfway through the next before we realized it was over. When he held me, I could feel his heart beating fast against my own chest. It was like we were entering a world of our own. So what if dancing in the middle of a bar isn't the most romantic thing in the world? I never wanted it to end.  He looked deep into my eyes, smiled and said,

"You're really pretty, you know that?" I blushed and looked away.

"Thank you." I replied, "But I don't "know that" because I'm not. You on the other hand, you're absolutely gorgeous. Look at that smile." I added, poking at his bow tie. He smiled and his lip ring shone in the reflection of the light. I couldn't believe it. Victor Evans and I had just danced together, he was still holding me, and he'd bought me a drink. I just hoped it wasn't the booze impairing his judgement and causing him to hit on me. He was only eighteen after all, and what do all eighteen year old boys, let alone growing rock stars want? A stupid girl to let them have sex with her. Hump and dump. Thrash and trash. Please don't let me be that stupid girl.

At around one thirty in the morning, Owen and Jay were still going totally insane and we figured now would be a good time to leave. I stepped into Shane's BMW and joined Victor in the backseat. He drowsily draped his arm around my shoulder as I rested my head on his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart.