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Files of the Rising Sun


In the year 2041, a terrorist group comes to power. Proper funding, weaponry, and highly trained killing machines of soldiers are just some of the problems any people who rebel to the group come across. But a task force consisting of the best soldiers in the world is formed just for the cause of defeating this threat. In the thrilling prequel to The Fallout Code, you follow
31 year old soldier Mason Huet as he battles the Blood Moon with help from his task force, The Rising Sun. They battle the Blood Moon and its allies, unaware of whats to come. Something big, something bad. Is everything as it seems?

Files of the Rising Sun


Files 0f the Rising Sun

        Part 1: Blood Moon

Undercover CIA Agent Mason Huet took his seat in the Apollo Concert hall in London, England. He knew what they were going to go down, and he, along with MI6 agent Charles Thomas, were there to stop it. The terrorist group known as Blood Moon was planning an attack. Recently, Blood Moon planted bombs all over Berlin, Germany killing 2,389 people and injuring over 10,000. A concert by the London Symphony Orchestra was playing tonight. Mason had a concealed Walther P226 under his armpit, and Charles had a Mac 10 hidden in a viola case. Mason and Charles were trained to expect everything and anything, including massive assault or just a few men.


The unmarked chopper flew closer to the concert hall, hidden from the bright London lights below.

“Weapons Loaded.” The Captain of the team told his men..

The chopper full of Blood Moon operatives grew closer. The men attached their harnesses, and the chopper slowed down…


The orchestra started playing, and Mason reached into his armpit, so he was ready.

¨Charles, you ready?¨ asked Mason.

¨Ready.¨ said Charles.

Suddenly, glass on the room shattered, and Blood Moon soldiers jumped in through the roof.

The Captain shot the conductor, sending a wave of blood into the first row of the orchestra, and walked on stage.

¨The jigs up.¨ said Mason.

¨Quiet!¨ yelled a random soldier.

He grabbed a random flute player and shot her in the head.

¨Everytime you talk, someone dies!” yelled the man.

¨Now, everyone listen up!” yelled the Captain. ¨We are aware that this world is corrupt. We are not terrorists, but saviors. We will fix this wretched world, starting with all you!” Suddenly, four men started to fire their fully automatic assault rifles into the crowd. Mason quickly hopped behind a chair, but in the process dropped his pistol. He saw Charles grab his Mac 10 and take down one of the men, but he couldn’t see his pistol. Suddenly, he did see it, and he dove for it. Someone running kicked it, sending it under a chair.

“Crap!” said Mason.

One of the soldiers saw the gun and ran for it. Mason slugged the man’s stomach, and squeezed his windpipe. He then grabbed his gun and shot the man. His pistol, named Equalizer was acquired after he defeated a warlord in Mogadishu, Somalia and stole his gun. Ever since, he used it, and enjoyed doing it. He aimed his gun, and with a perfect shot, took down a soldier.

Another soldier ran at him, but Mason hit him in the face with his gun, giving him a concussion and breaking his nose.

“You just broke my nose!” said the soldier as his nose spurted blood.

“That’s the point!” said Mason as he shot the man.

“FREEZE!” A voice yelled over the speakers, “Name’s Maximus, while you were all confused and running around wildly, I’ve rigged this whole place to explode and unless you all pledge allegiance to the Blood Moon, the whole place blows.”

“And what's gonna make me?” said Mason with the thought that Maximus was bluffing.

“Blimey Mason, just do it!” said Charles.

“Charles, c’mon!” said Mason. Secretly, Mason pushed a button on his watch, signaling the British S.A.S. to get in here. They were on their way now.

“You have ten mi-”

Suddenly, S.A.S. men on parachutes came in and blasted away at the terrorists.

Maximus stopped talking the concert hall went silent as Christmas Eve. When the S.A.S. men came in, their Captain, Captain Stuart, said, “Eh, bloody yank, thought you said you can handle this. “

“What can I say, I bit off more than I can chew,” said Mason through gritted teeth.

“I can see that.” said Captain Stuart. “Now, go on back to HQ, the C.I.A. wants you back in the U.S. by noon tomorrow.


Mason sat still, zoning out as the C-130 gunship reached U.S. soil. It was landing at a classified location in the Fort Neal base in Utah. As Mason braced himself for lots of questions from officers and soldiers, he thought about how he could have done better. As he stepped out from the gunship, a man in a suit walked out and said,”Hey, Huet, the director wants to see you.”

“Ok,” said Mason. He walked down to the director’s office. The director was made director in the year 1968, after rescuing POW’s from a prison camp in Vietnam by himself.  Mason walked into his office and sat down. The director was sucking on an Ice Breaker, and reading the book The Art of Espionage.

“Hello, Agent Huet, A.K.A. Maelstrom.” said the director. “I have been informed that you failed the mission in London and the S.A.S. had to deal with it.”

“Yes sir, I’m sorry sir.” said Mason.

“It’s ok, I am giving you a chance to redeem yourself.” he said.

“You are?”

“Yes, but don’t fail this one.”

“What is this mission?” asked Mason.

“Well, according to one of our inside men, the Chinese, Cubans, and North Koreans have been supplying weapons to the Blood Moon.” said the Director.

“Go on.”

“Well, we have discovered a Chinese transport truck full of Ak-47 rifles and RPG’s heading out of Moscow and into Siberia. The thing is, there's no civilizations but a small ice fishing village. We need you to track that truck and destroy it.”

“Ok, will I have any help?”

“Yes. Agent Anatoly Romanov will drive a C-130 gunship for you, so you can jump out onto the truck. You will plant a C4 on it, and blow it to smithereens. Then, you will flare for us and he will extract you.”

“I’m in.” Mason told the Director, fully aware he may not return.


The roar of the wind and snow hitting the gunship filled Mason’s ears as the gunship hovered through the violent snowstorm. Mason, wearing a white camo parka and holding a G36C fully automatic assault rifle named Voice of Justice, given to him from an French arms dealer 2 years back, prepared for dropoff. He also had his trusty Equalizer and his combat knife as well as a snow camo combat vest with a C4 tucked into one pocket, and a flare gun in the other.

“Alright, Maelstrom, time to jump in 3 2-” said the pilot. Mason suddenly heard a slightly high-pitched noise.

As if it was instinct, Mason dove out of the gunship, and toward the group. Above him, the gunship exploded in a fiery inferno of death. He opened his parachute, and saw the truck, cutting through the snow in the distance.  He leaned toward it, but overshot, and ended up landing in a tree. “Awww shoot!” said Mason as he looked at the remains of the gunship fall from the sky.

He grabbed his knife, and cut off the strings. He fell about 20 feet and landed in a pile of snow. The cold powder felt like flames scorching his skin.

“Phew, that was close.” he said. He realized his coms were blocked, so he had to continue the mission without assistance.

“I can’t let the CIA down this time.” he said. He still had his weapons, so if anything he could fight his way out. The snow fell so hard it burned his face. He walked until he saw the truck, parked by a tree. The driver was outside peeing on the tree, and 2 other men were smoking. One man was guarding the truck, armed with an AK-47 rifle. Mason crept up behind him, and stabbed him in the neck, immediately killing him.  Mason then entered the back of the truck, to see a man sitting back their holding what Mason recognized as a KN-64 assault rifle, complete with a reflex sight.  

The man just said, “Goodnight.” as the back of the truck closed and it drove off. Mason tried to get out, but the man lunged toward him and smacked him over the head with a blunt weapon.


Mason awoke in a tiny chair in a large room, only to hear the sound of a generator humming and the snow blowing.

“Where- Where am I?” he said.

“Somewhere you don’t want to know.” said a voice. Mason immediately recognized it as the strange announcer at the concert hall.

“Hey, let me out of here!” yelled Mason as he struggled to escape the chair. A soldier wearing Blood Moon fatigues walked in smacked Mason in the knee with a sledgehammer, sending a jolt of pain through Mason.

“Aww shmack, that hurt.” said Mason.

“And there’s a lot more where that came from if you don’t answer Maximus’ questions,” the guard said flatly.

Maximus walked in the room. He had green eyes, dark hair,  a tattoo that said “Beg for Mercy” and slightly tanned skin, the exact features of the man in the truck. He had the KN-64, but only then did Mason notice the words Eternal Rest engraved on the side of the barrel.

Suddenly, Maximus aimed Eternal Rest at the guard and fired, doing the same to five others who were behind Mason.

“Wha-what?” said Mason in a confused voice. He wondering if this was his idea of a sick joke.

“Real name’s Keith Maxwell, but you can just call me Max. I work for the government as a recon trooper and weapons designer.

“Oh really, who’s in charge of this mission then?” Mason asked him for proof.

“Funding or Plan?”

“Answer each one.”

“Funding: The Director, real name classified and Planning: that would be you. May I also add that It’ll only take Blood Moon about a mere 5minutes to find out.”

“Okay then, how do you suggest we get out of here?”

“Follow me.”


    “She’s my first project, named Sand Devil, worth millions so if I see a scratch on it you’re dead,” Max said, a look of seriousness on his face.

    Mason chuckled and Max said, “I wasn’t joking.”

    “Oh I know, but where is it? And what is it?” Mason questioned.

    “You’re about to find out why she’s worth so much,” Max said as he pushed a button on a remote and all of the sudden, a helicopter with heavily armed cannons appeared in front of them.

    “Wuh, wuh, HOW?” Mason stuttered.

    “Yep, state-of-the-art active camo, speed, control, and weaponry. This bad boy is designed to mimic any environment with speed and ease.”

    Blood Moon soldiers came running out of the building, though they were slowed down once they reached the foot-deep snow.

    “C’mon, we don’t got all day,” Max said

    They went into Sand Devil and Max was the pilot and ordered Mason to take the bottom gun which had a newly renovated Reaper missile launcher.

    “Fire on my command, over,” Max said through the mic.

    “Copy that.”

    “It takes a few minutes to get to top speed, but once it does, we’ll blow that base sky high.”

    Mason saw Blood Moon soldiers getting out of an anti-aircraft missile. “Activate active camo, they got an anti-aircraft.”

    “Activating, nine seconds ‘til top speed.”

    “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, FIRE!”

    The missile shot out of the barrel of the Reaper, taking down the anti-aircraft missile. The combination of the two missiles rained shrapnel on the base, killing multiple soldiers. Max stared at the destruction, then continued driving.

    “Mission accomplished,” Mason said as they flew away.. “Now, let's go back to base.”



    “That wasn’t the only thing I blew,” said Max, smirking. Mason rolled his eyes.

    “What he’s meaning to say is, with Sand Devil, we blew up the Blood Moon base and the anti-aircraft missile.” said Mason. “Also, yes, Blood Moon is working with Russia.”

    “Well, do you have the location of any other Blood Moon bases?”

    “In fact I do, but they’ll change them soon so we have to act fast.”

“I know some, there's one in Egypt, one in Brazil, and one in Bosnia. There are also bases in Cuba, Russia, and North Korea, and many other locations we don’t know yet.” remarked Mason.

    “Believe it or not, they have bases in almost every country, including America.”

    “How?” asked Max.

    “They have resources, I suggest we destroy the one in North Korea first.”

    “Yes, now, I’ll assign you two, a couple others, and, Agent Maxwell?”


    “Let’s use this mission to beta test project F.R.O.S.T.”

“But the grid is too strong, and North Korea has the strongest army in the world, and possession of around 10 nuclear warheads.” said Max.

“But we have nukes and Project F.R.O.S.T.”


“My third project, the First Response Observant Silent Tool.”

“So Sand Devil was your first, what was your second?”

“The Cyclone Launcher, combines hot and cold air to make a semi-controllable tornado,” Max said.

“What do you mean semi-controllable?”

“There have been a few incidences where it’s gone out of control and killed the one who used it.”

“CAN WE PLEASE BRING IT,” Mason begged to The Director.

“Fine, but beta testing two weapons could kill you.”

“I know, I know.”

“I’ll give you guys two days, they won’t be able to move by then and that’s lots of time to train.”

“Alright, I can live with that.” said Mason.

“By the way, the men in your team are named Trueblood, Ozone, Needle, Gears, and Toss. Also, a South Korean task force named Hurricane. It consists of soldiers, hackers, and two snipers. Last there is a new mission supervisor you will like.”

“Alright, good.” said Max.

They headed to the mountains for a 15 mile hike. Afterward, they practiced HAHO jumping. Then, they hit the range. Mason was best with assault rifles and pistols, but Max was best with snipers and shotguns as well as surface-to-air missiles. Gears was the teche. Trueblood was the muscle. Ozone was the demolitionist. Toss was the brains, and Needle was the medic. Mason and Max were the leaders. Max was the guide due to the fact that he knows his way around. Mason was the head of the infantry unit and espionage division. The South Koreans would defend the men with airsupport, and the men would enter the base to help fight. If it hits the fan, the Marines will extract them. Mason would use the his assault rifle named Voice of Justice and Equalizer, and Max would use Eternal Rest and an RPG. Trueblood was armed with an HK heavy machine gun. Ozone with a shotgun. Needle an MP5, and Gears with an MP5. Toss would use a microbot gun that devoured enemies and could hack. Finally, they boarded a C-130 gunship and headed for North Korea, home of the world's biggest nuke collection.


By the time they reached North Korea, it was raining like heck and it was 8:30 at night. Max briefed the men one last time before everyone loaded their guns.

Mason noticed that Gears was shivering and fidgeting with his gun.

“First time?” said Mason.

“Yeah,” said Gears.

“You’ll be fine.” said Mason. “You look pretty tough.”

Gears smiled and kept working on his gun.

“Alright soldiers,” Max said, “The only way we’ll be able to get in is new identities.” He handed each of the men a microchip which made them look like North Korean guards with AK’s.

“We’ll reach the base in 5 minutes.” said the pilot, named Phoenix. “There's a buttload of search lights, so when you jump, avoid them.”

“Got it.” said Toss.

“Toss, when we land, use your microbots to take out the guards if we get caught, due to the fact they're pretty quiet.” said Max.

“Can do Boss.” said Toss “Also I have a micro EMP to stop some of the lights. Should help.”

    “That will do some good. Use that for sure.” said Max.

“One minute!” yelled the pilot. “50 seconds!”

The back of the gunship opened.

“When the light turns green you jump!” said the pilot. “The South Korean task force is on their way in a stealth chopper.”

“10 seconds!” yelled Max. “5-4-3-2-”

The men all jumped out of the back, guns ready, and dived toward the base. Toss activated his EMP, and all the lights turned off.

“Good job Toss!” Ozone yelled over the wind.

“1 minute until we hit the ground!” said Mason as he gripped his gun.

“Disguises on!” yelled Max.  

“Bend your knees!” yelled Mason.

They bent their knees, and collided with the ground.

BOOM! They all landed. Shortly after, the lights came back on.

“Phase 1 complete!” said Max on his comms.

Toss pulled a tiny scout drone from his backpack and sent it out.

“Alright Johnny-boy, find me some Koreans.” said Toss. There were 2 soldiers near by, both armed with AK’s with bayonets. Max turned on his translator device, and walked up to the men. He said “hello” in Korean and walked by. Toss then fired his gun, and the microbots flew toward and killed the men.

“Good shot!” said Ozone.

“Copy that, now, Ozone, Toss, and Trueblood you guys run in, Toss, your drones have the blueprints, get to the control room ASAP. Me, Gears, and Mason will be back here with the beta testing weapons. Contact immediately if there are complications.”

“As soon as we leave, we’ll wreck this place with the Cyclone Launcher,” Max said in a voice that said he’d done this before.

As soon as he said that, an explosion rang out. South Korean jets flew over the base, dropping bombs and firing machine guns. North Korean soldiers tried to take battle positions, but were gunned down.

“Max, they’re frickin early!” said Mason.

“Why are they so early!?!” said Gears.

Suddenly, a missile was fired at the men.

“DODGE!” yelled Mason as the men split directions, almost getting turned into red mist from the missile.

“They think we’re the enemy!” yelled Max. “Disguises off!” Mason and the men all turned off their disguises, not only revealing themselves to the South Koreans, but to the enemy, too.

Ozone called Mason on his com, and said, “They’re onto us! Toss and I have got contact! There's about 20 hostiles, armed with AK’s and Spas-12s. One of the men has an RPD machine gun.”

“Get out of there, now!” yelled Mason into the com.

“We’re tri-” the com suddenly stopped.

“Shoot! They’re jamming our comms!” said Mason.

Suddenly, North Korean soldiers ran at them, guns blazing. They dodged the bullets, and Mason raised his rifle and shot the nearest soldier. Gears shot one of the men, then retrieved a shock charge and threw it, stunning three of the unlucky North Koreans.

“That felt good!” yelled Gears.

Max nodded to this and, switching the cyclone launcher for Eternal Rest, sprayed bullets at the incoming Koreans. They held on slowly driving the Koreans back before a literal tank rolled out and knocked them all on the ground with a shell. There was ringing in Max's ears as he tried to get up before seeing a korean soldier with death in his eyes and a robotic arm pointing a pistol at Max. Before he could pull the trigger his robot arm started to shake and slowly aimed the pistol at the soldier's head. He screamed, but a shot went off and he fell to the ground, dead. Before Max realized what happened Toss walked over and helped him up.

    “They always said cybernetics could be hacked.” Toss noted with a smile.

    “Thanks, without you I would be dead meat.” Max said before looking around.

    Suddenly, a voice came over the intercom.

    “We’re at the control room, what do we do now?” said Ozone through the intercom.

“Is there a supercomputer?”

“Yes, it says drone control on it.”

“Type ‘Activate command suicide’ then click enter. ”


“Okay, now smash the power source.”

“On it.


“Great, we’re coming in-”

“They’re onto us!” yelled Ozone, his voice shaking with fear.

“Ozone RUN!” He screamed, and the transmission cut out.

No response, only static.

“OZONE!” yelled Mason into the com. “Are you there!


    Suddenly, Trueblood’s voice came through, “We fought them off, but Ozone got shot in the throat and his arm was blown off. He’s dead. They’ll be sending reinforcements soon.”

“Ozone’s down!” shouted Mason to Max.

“Crap!” said Max.

A North Korean humvee drove toward them, with a man holding a heavy machine gun on top.

“Scatter!” yelled Max. Mason grabbed his pistol, and fired at the tire. It popped, and the truck crashed into a nearby tree.  

“As soon as Trueblood get’s back we’re shooting the base with the Cyclone Launcher.

“Trueblood, I put Project F.R.O.S.T. in the nearby garage. Use it to get out of there.”

“Suit or thumb drive?”


Trueblood opened the garage, put on the suit, and got ready for action. Needle, in the meantime, was in a tower sniping when he saw South Korean choppers landing.

“The South Koreans are sending infantrymen!” he said into the com.

“Good, we need the backup!” said Mason.

A North Korean came up behind Gears and held a knife to his throat. Mason quickly fired his pistol, and the bullet collided with the man’s head. When he fell, Gears fell too and the knife collided with Gears’ back.

“AHHH!” Gears screamed in pain.

“Shoot, Gears in hurt!” said Max. “Needle, get down here!”

Before Needle could get down there,one of the South Korean medics came and said, “No Worry, I get him. Ok?”

“Do your job!” said Mason.  The medic carried Gears to cover, and started to heal him.

Suddenly, something came flying through the roof of the base.

“Crap, we didn’t shut down all the drones.”

“That’s not a drone, that’s project F.R.O.S.T.”

“That’s Frost?” said Mason, “Ehhh, I’m not impressed.”

“Oh, you will be.” said Max.

More choppers came in. Those choppers belonged to Blood Moon.

“Shoot, Blood Moon choppers!” yelled Mason.

Mason fired a stolen RPG, and took down one of the choppers. However, it crashed right in front of them, knocked Mason to the ground and Max back, trapping Mason under a large metal beam. Trueblood, in the mech, picked up the beam and threw it, allowing Mason to climb out.

“Thanks.” said Mason.

“Don’t worry,” said Trueblood over the radio, “I’ve got the rest.”

A loud bang filled the sky. Suddenly, all of the choppers started falling out of the sky.

“HOW?” said Mason,

“Told ya, it’s faster than Sand Devil and can instantly hack almost any device, along with weaponry that makes my Scud missile look like child’s play,” Max says, obviously proud of his work.

Trueblood jumped, just to be shot by a Blood Moon Stinger Missile.

“I’M GOING DOWN!!” yelled Trueblood as the suit collided with the dirt.

Mason ran to the crashed mech, and pried open the glass. He grabbed Trueblood’s unconscious body.

“I’ll grab the suit, you guys, get into Sand Devil. I just uncloaked it, it’s in a valley to the west.”

    They all ran west for about an eighth of a mile. They started climbing in, Max last. Suddenly, a bullet hit the side of Sand Devil.

    “I almost feel bad for that guy,” says Mason, slightly smiling

    Max ran over to the Blood Moon soldier and snapped his neck without any effort.

    “No one, No one, damages my chopper,” Max said, hate in his eyes.

    He ran back in Sand Devil and said, “Gears, you take pilot, I got the Cyclone Launcher.”

    “Yes sir,” said Gears, obviously excited to fly the world’s fastest air vehicle (excluding project F.R.O.S.T.)

    Max went over to the loading bay, opened it, and said, “This one’s for Ozone, I doubt I’ll ever find a more loyal soldier than that man.” A loud sound filled the helicopter as the Cyclone Launcher fired up. Suddenly, the loudest sound any of them had ever heard started as the Cyclone Launcher did. The weapon brought pure mayhem onto the base, soldiers and debris flying around as if they were toys. All the men started to cheer, knowing they won a great battle today. But a feeling of grimness still came across the men, knowing they hadn’t defeated Blood Moon yet.

    “Mission report,” Max said into a recording device, “Casualties: 1, Dan ‘Ozone’ Peter. Complications: 3, South Koreans targeting us, drones and cybernetic humans, and reinforcements in the control room. Overall report: We finished the job, with a price to pay. Acceptable Losses. Operation Anvil was a success, repeat, Anvil was a success. Returning to base for debriefing.”


As Sand Devil arrived on the aircraft carrier, wind and rain whipped at the helicopter. When they landed, they almost had to sprint inside to avoid getting blown overboard. When they entered, they saw the director as well as the admiral of the ship walking toward them.

“So, I heard you completed the mission.” said the director.

“Yes, but Ozone was compromised,” Mason said.

“He was a good soldier. Now, I need you to immediately get ready for another mission. We have discovered the North Korean launch site for nuclear weapons. It is in the middle of the pacific They will fire as soon as they see anything so this mission is a stealth one.”

Max thought for a moment before answering, “That is going to be hard.”

The director smiled, “not with the new cloak suits and drones.” Mason liked the sound of that.

“Well, where exactly is the launch site?” asked Mason.

“It’s set up on an aircraft carrier. It has an entire fleet surrounding it. You will use suppressed Sniper Rifles as well as submachine guns. Assault Rifles and shotguns make too much noise. You will board the ship through a submarine. Mason, you and Max are heads of this mission.”

“Ok,” said Mason.

“The boat contains 5 warheads. One for Washington D.C. One for Seoul. One for London. One for Shanghai. And last, one for Rio De Janeiro. The men for this mission are Toss, Trueblood, and Needle. Gears is hurt, so he will sit this one out. If you get caught, say goodbye to the most important cities in the world.” said the admiral.

“Ok, so failing is not an option.” said Mason jokingly.

“Max, you will hack the missiles. Send them all to space. Or the ocean. Or North Korea. Anywhere that isn’t populated with friendlies.” said the director.

Also, if you need help, the U.S. navy seals, lead by Sergeant Jonathan Wilson of Seal Team 6 will board the ship and assist you.

“Pull them back. I don’t want the seals busting this operation.”

The director sighed. “I’m sorry admiral, but I don’t want any of my guys dying out there.”

“I’m fine with them going. Before I joined the CIA, I worked with Seal Team 3.” said Mason.  

“And that’s why you’ve gone 6 months without a promotion,” said Needle.

“Soldier, do you have a problem?” The director said, impatient

“Yes, working with any branch of the army is like trying to herd cats,” Max remarked.

“Say I if any of you have a problem working with the seals.”

“I,” said all of them except Mason.

“Too bad, they’re trying to help to, they have there own methods, yes, but you need to respect them,” The Director said, confidence in his voice.  

“But-” Toss didn’t get to finish because the Director shushed him.

“Why do you men not like the seals?” said the admiral.

“They are just a group of showoff soldiers, movie stereotypes who think they’re a lot more than they actually are,” said Max.

“Well, to bad. Men, go get some sleep, operation Iron Oak is a go.”


The submarine went through the water, getting closer than ever to the ship. The men all had suppressed M110 sniper rifles, as well as MP5s with suppressors. They also had combat knives and handguns. Needle had his medpack for emergencies. They also all had scuba gear with an hours worth of air. The submachine stopped, and a latch opened. The sub was drone operated.

“Ok men, it's time. Swim to the ship and use your sticky pads to scale the sides. “ said the admiral through the comms. They headed toward the ship. They saw it had 5 warhead launchers on it. Mason was first to the ship. When he reached it, and started to climb the ship. When he got to a window, he said, “Toss, hand me a crowbar. Toss threw him a crowbar, and he pried the window open and the glass fell into the water. A soldier noticed, and walked up to the window. Mason quickly stabbed him and dropped his lifeless body into the water. Mason then crawled into the busted window. He was in a barrack room. There was 7 men sleeping on metal bunks.

“Shhh.” said Mason to the men. Well they were in the room, Mason took all the ammo from the men's guns and threw it out the window. He also took their explosives, and pocketed them for himself. In the room was a wooden crate. Mason opened it to find a drone. On the wing, in Korean, was the word Dotty. The drone had 4 rotors and a built in machine gun. Toss grabbed the drone and put it in his backpacks. Mason found a katana in a cabinet and grabbed it.

“What’s that for?” said Max.

“Never know.” said Mason.  

Engraved on the sword's blade were the words Honor's Call.  

Mason gave the sword a swing and said, “I’m liking this.”  

When they exited the room, they saw a Korean woman, probably a nurse, walking down the hall.

She was about to scream, but quick as lightning, Mason knocked her out and dragged her lifeless body into a closet, then closed the door. They kept on walking through the empty halls in the pitch black, when suddenly the alarm sounded, alerting all soldiers.

    “Well this is what the new cloak suits are for.” Toss reassured before  everyone disappeared as they activated their cloaks.

    “Ok,” Max ordered, “Me and Mason will hit the middle of this liner. Needle and Trueblood the left.-”

    “And I’ll take the right.” Toss’s voice said. Once everyone had separated Max and Mason synced to each other's signature (so they could see each other) and headed down the middle. In spite of the alarm security  was loose and Max and Mason were able to dispatch the guards with ease. A way in, they found the control room, occupied by only five guards. Mason signaled to Max and they approached the guards ready to kill.  

    Suddenly a sensor net swept through and their cloaks disappeared. Upon seeing the invaders the Koreans threw a powerful flash bang. Max and Mason staggered back after being temporarily blinded. Just as the koreans aimed to fire, a figure dropped from the ceiling: cutting the necks of three guards, throwing his knife and hitting another, last, now knifeless, taking out a scythe and cutting the fifth guards head off.

    “Did I do good?” Toss said taking off his mask.

¨Ummm.¨ said Mason pointing to his scythe.

¨Oh yeah, custom made, stainless steel, diamond encrusted.¨said Toss proudly.

More Korean soldiers ran down the hall, guns at hand when Mason realized these were the men who´s ammo and grenades he took off the. One of the men aimed his gun and pulled the trigger just to see it was empty.

¨Jusawi!” said the man as he whipped out a knife and charged at Mason. With a flick of his katana, the man was handless and rolling around in a pile of blood. One soldier had a pair of nunchucks, and 3 other men had throwing stars. One threw his at Max, but Mason deflected it for him. With Mason´s sword, Toss´ scythe, and Max´s firepower, they soon mowed through the lightly armed men.

The man with the nunchucks tried to clodder Toss, but Toss took care of him. By that I mean impaled him. With a scythe. Yes, its very possible.

Meanwhile, in the bridge.

¨Sir, the enemy spies are getting closer.” said an officer to the captain, Captain Kin Jong Ul. Captain Ki was first appointed after the Siege of Seoul, North Korea invading the South, sparking Korea 2. In fact, the North got help from Russia, which sparked the rise of the Blood Moon.

¨Do not worry. If they get too close, I will launch the missiles.¨ said the captain. ¨Trust me, I will not hesitate to launch them.¨

Back in the lower deck.

Mason fired an AK-47 he picked up wildly at the attacking soldiers, all armed with assault rifles.

¨Max, cover me, I'm heading for the stairs!¨ yelled Mason.

¨I'll try!¨ said Max.

Mason dashed for the stairs, and when he reached them, up them. He grabbed a soldier, and threw him down the stairs. He then ran up them, right outside the bridge. Right when he entered the bridge and saw the detonator to the missile, he dropped his gun and raised his hands.

¨Don’t try anything, or the nukes get launched.¨said the captain.

¨Try me¨ Mason got on comms and ordered the rest of the men to stop.

¨Good, good.¨ said the Captain.  Mason was unaware that Toss´ drone he stole,  Dotty, was out and about still. Dotty flew toward the glass of the bridge, machine guns ready, and started firing right through the glass. Mason jumped behind a control panel. But when he saw the Captain holding the detonator, he jumped out from behind the panel and ran toward the captain. He tackled the captain out the window, knocking them both out to the deck. Mason reached for the detonator, but he missed it. The captain grabbed a crowbar from off the ground and swung it at Mason. He reached for his sword, but the captain hit the sword away.

    ¨You're a dead man!¨ yelled the captain.

After hearing this, Mason slugged the captain in the face, causing him to drop the detonator. The captain pulled out a handgun from his belt and fired at Mason. Mason grabbed the gun and chucked it in the water. He then grabbed the detonator and tossed it into the water as well. He cried out, and two north korean soldiers ran toward Mason, guns at hand. Mason quickly grabbed his katana, and stabbed both men. He then shoved the captain toward a crate. Their was a lift near them, with a hook and chain. Mason tied the chain around the captains neck, and then pushed it away. The captain had no time to scream before the lift flew toward the wall, colliding the captain in the wall. The captain coughed, and then died. The chain hitting the wall hung him.

¨Good Riddance,¨ said Mason.  

¨Hey Mason, let's go!¨ yelled Max from the bridge.

¨Alright, oh, and the captains dead.¨ said Mason. He grabbed his katana and headed back toward the bridge, unknowing the nurse from earlier had awoken, and was the captain's wife, and she had a backup detonator. As Mason walked up the stairs, he saw the woman, aiming a pistol at his chest. Before he could react, she shot him straight through his ribcage. He tumbled down the stairs. Max saw this, and he tackled the woman right off the side. But quick as lightning, the woman pushed the detonator.  

¨NOOOO!¨ screamed Max and he snapped the woman's neck. Max looked up to see the warheads all leaving the launchpad.

¨T-Toss,¨ Mason said into his comm, his voice filled with pain and fear. ¨Hack the missiles, send one to Pyongyang, one to the main north korean military base, and the last three to the ocean.¨

¨On it!¨ said Toss. ¨Trueblood, cover me. Needle, get Mason.¨ Toss bypassed the main security program, and then headed into the warhead program. There was 5 missiles, named Mortality, Honor, Kim Il Sung, Deceit, and Devotion. He then proceeded to hack the missile. He launched Honor toward Pyongyang, Mortality to the North Korean base, and the other three toward the ocean. But Deceit was too close to China to stop it. But it was off target. It crashed into a mountain, destroying the mountain as well as a small village and a monk temple. After the Chinese military found out, they were furious. The government thought the U.S. did it.

        Chinese Government Meeting, Hong Kong

Chinese president Yong Enlei was pissed off. First, the U.S. launched a nuke at them, then, they destroy our ally, Russia's main bases.

¨I have contacted the Chinese president, Lev Teninov.¨ said Vice President Chung Dishi. They have agreed to help.”

“Very well, they will pay for what they have done to us, send a battalion to America to stop them. Also, the Chineses have a little something that can assist us in the invasion.” said the president. ¨It was stolen from an american soldier. It is called project F.R.O.S.T. We will use it to destroy U.S forces. They will pay...¨

                           Arlington, Virginia. 7:05 in the morning.

The town of Arlington was peaceful. Many people were just getting up to go to work when disaster struck. Suddenly, every single T.V, Radio, Phone, Tablet, and Digital Book screen turned wrong. The Chinese flag was portrayed on every digital device. The Chinese national anthem played. This was happening on every digital device in the country.  Chinese and Chinese planes filled with paratroopers filled the sky. Chinese bombers bombed neighborhoods to the ground. Mason awoke to the sound of bombs. He was in a hospital in Arlington when the invasion began. He tried to stand up but his chest hurt to bad.

¨Ughhhh what is happening!¨ said Mason. There was a note on his nightstand from Max. It said, ¨Mason, remember when you were shot? Well, yeah, we brought you here. The Chinese are pissed because the nuke destroyed some stuff. We are in D.C. You are supposed to recover in a week. Feel free to take painkillers but don't overdose.   -Max.¨  

Mason grabbed a painkiller from the desk and injected himself. He then got up and walked to the door and opened it to see dead bodies and debris littering the hallway. He heard men speaking Chinese in another room.

¨Oh great,¨ said Mason. He grabbed a lab knife from the floor and slowly approached the door. There was two Chinese foot soldiers smoking cigs.

¨Crap!¨ muttered Mason. The men heard him and shot at him. Mason threw the knife, and it hit one of the men´s head. The other soldier shot at Mason still. Mason ducked around the corner, trying to think of a plan. There was a cart, a fire extinguisher, and a metal pipe. Mason grabbed the pipe and slammed it on the man's head, knocking him out. He grabbed the man's AK-47 and started walking. When he entered the lobby, he grabbed the phone at the front desk, and called Max´s cell phone. It wouldn't go through due to the hacking. He walked out the front door to see Chinese and Chinese paratroopers coming down from planes in the sky, as well as choppers.

¨Oh god.¨ said Mason. Suddenly, some of the mem saw Mason and started shooting at him. He ran to the parking lot, and saw a car. It was a blue Prius. He smashed the window and unlocked the doors. Then, he entered and drove off. He was headed down the road when a Chinese jeep smacked right into the side of his car, knocking it into a ditch. The car flipped over.

¨Uhhhhhhhh.¨ said Mason as he struggled to escape the car. Right as he managed to open the door and climb out, two Chinese soldiers with Type 93 assault rifles rained fire at Mason.

¨Crap!¨ thought Mason. ¨The AK is in the back of the car.¨

Mason crawled back into the car and reached into the back to grab the AK when a Chinese soldier with an RPG shot the car, causing Mason to fly out and hit a Burger King sign. Mason ran inside the burger king to get cover, where he saw a knife on a table.

¨Nice and sharp.¨ thought Mason.  

When the soldiers ran in, Mason chucked the knife at the first man, colliding with his neck and causing him to drop his gun. Mason grabbed the gun and shot the other man quickly. Mason grabbed the soldier's combat vest as well as his knife, some grenades, his bandages, and a handgun. Suddenly, Mason heard a small whistle. Knowing what it was, he sprinted outside the restaurant right as a shell from a tank hit the restaurant, blowing it to pieces. Mason found an Iphone from a dead man and turned it on to see the Chinese flag and hear the anthem still on.

“Dang,”said Mason. “Wait a second.”

Mason remembered seeing a chopper on the hospital's roof.

“I must get to the chopper!” said Mason as he started to run back to the hospital. He ran into the street just to get hit by a jeep driving by. The jeep knocked him over, causing his gun to unload all over the car. It then spun off the road, into a ditch. Mason then started to run over to the hospital entrance. On his way over, he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his back. A Chinese soldier had thrown a shuriken into his back. Grunting with pain, Mason pulled the shuriken out of his back and threw it at the man, hitting him in the head killing him. Mason then ran toward the hospital and ran through the front door. A Chinese tried to follow him, but Mason shoved a wheelchair toward his, ramming him in the stomach, causing him to puke all over the floor, knocking him out. Mason ran for the elevator, but a grenade from a soldier landed in the elevator, causing it to plummet down the shaft.

Mason ran for the stairs and started dashing up them. He heard soldiers chasing after them. Mason turned around, and started to shoot the men on their way up. He then through the gun at one of the men, causing him to tumble down the stairs. As soon as he saw the room door, he raised his shoulder, ready to ram. He rammed the door, causing it to break open. He then ran toward the chopper and climbed in. He started the chopper when the men reached the roof and started to shoot at it. The bullets slammed against the chopper, forming little bullet holes. Mason flew off the building, but a soldier managed to jump onto the chopper and force the door open. He pulled out a knife and tried to stab Mason. Mason kicked the knife, knocking it out of the man's hand. The man grabbed Mason´s throat, and started to strangle him. Mason punched him in the face, knocking him off the chopper, down to the ground below. He then headed for D.C.  

                2 hours later.

Mason looked down to see explosions everywhere and hear gunshots. He got on the comms and said, ¨Max, Max, can you hear me? It´s Mason.¨

¨Mason, its Max.¨ Max responded from the radio.

¨Max, i´m coming on a hospital chopper.

¨Yeah, Mason, I hear you. We are at the Lincoln Monument. I got your gear here.¨
¨Okay, good. I'm on my way.¨ said Mason. Mason soon reached the monument, and landed. Right as he got out, an RPG rocket hit the rocket, blowing it up, knocking Mason down.

Max ran up to him and said, ¨Hey, Mason, you okay? Your gear is by the statue. Change out of the dang hospital gown.¨ Mason ran to the statue and changed and grabbed his weapons.

¨What's the plan?¨ he said to Toss.

¨The president is still at the White House, in a bunker. We have to go rescue him.¨ he responded. ¨We were ordered to head their and rescue him. The Chinese want him dead, so we better get their fast.¨

¨Well then, let's go.¨ said Mason.


Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, China.

¨Sir, our men are approaching the president. ¨ said Chinese officer Moy Guin to the Chinese president.

¨Good.¨ said the president. ¨General Meng Tsai and his fleet are approaching Alaska. Soon, Alaska will be ours. If Canada interferes, kill them all. We will win this…


            Back in D.C.

Mason sprinted toward the white house, swinging his katana at any approaching soldiers. Max and Needle were headed for the back in a tank, while Mason and Toss were heading in on foot.

Mason dashed toward the gate, just to see dead secret service agents littering the lawn.  Mason ran up to one that was still alive.

¨Are you ok?” Mason asked.

¨Uhhh, not now. Go save the president. The Chinese are breaking into his bunker as we speak! Get your butt in their!” he said. ¨Oh, and take this.¨ The agent handed him the emergency key to the bunker.¨

¨Thanks.¨ said Mason. The agent just closed his eyes.

¨Mason, lets go!¨ yelled Toss from behind Mason as he fired his gun. Mason whipped out his assault rifle, and dashed into the white house. There was four armed men in the living room, armed with Type 93s and MTARs. Mason dropped two of them, while Toss dropped the other two.

¨Mason, the Oval Office! The Bunker entrance is behind the bookshelf!¨ yelled Toss.

Mason down the hall, toward the office. Suddenly, a Chinese soldier appeared from out of one of the rooms, with a knife at hand. He charged at Mason. Mason quickly whipped out his trusty katana, and impaled the man. A man with a riot shield came out from another room and blocked Masons path. Mason tried to shoot through the shield, but it was bullet proof. Mason quickly emptied his mag, and then loaded a mag full of explosive bullets into his gun.

¨Eat this!¨ yelled Mason as he rained fire on the riot control soldier. The bullets started to explode, causing part of the hall and the man to blow to smithereens. Suddenly, Mason heard an explosion, and the room caved in on him.



Inside the tank, Max felt cooped up. Max was driving while Needle manned the gun and Trueblood the mine dropper. Max heard Needle yell, ¨The White House just got bombed by a Chinese predator missile. Part of the room caved in!¨

¨Crap! Can you get ahold of Mason?¨ asked Max.

¨Mason, Mason are you there? Do you read me?¨ said Needle into the comms.  ¨He´s not picking up!¨ yelled Needle.

¨We have to keep moving forward. The called us in to defend the camp at the WW2 memorial, and that's what we are gonna do.¨ said Max.

Enemy tanks rolled down the road, toward Max´s tank, Fury. His tank was a veteran of the Battle of Kabul. It can withstand RPG shots and missiles, as well as nuclear blasts. Well, radiation can still enter, but the nuke itself wouldn't really harm it.

¨Enemy BTRs incoming!¨ yelled Trueblood as he started to drop mines.

Suddenly, the tank bucked, sending Max out of his chair. Max tumbled to the floor, to see Needle laying on the ground, knocked out, blood seeping from his head and nose.

¨Trueblood, Needles down!¨ Max said.

¨Dead?¨ said Trueblood.

¨No. Alive. But he´s passed out. You man the gun, I drive.¨ Max said matter-of-factly.

The tank bucked again, causing Max to yell, ¨TAKE OUT THAT BLOODY TANK!¨

¨TRYING GOD **** IT!¨ yelled Trueblood.  

The hostile tank fired a shell, that missed the tank by three feet. Trueblood fired a missile, which hit the other tank, causing it to blow up.

¨Got it!¨ yelled Trueblood.

¨Ok, now time for round two!¨ yelled Max as three more Chinese tanks approached…   


                White House Living Room

Toss had managed to jump under the coffee table right as the roof collapsed, but he knew Mason was in the hallway, and is probably now trapped under the rubble. Toss whipped out his trusty crowbar, and started to use it to dig himself out of the rubble. It was extremely dark, making it pretty hard to get out.

¨Ugh, this is taking FOREVER!¨ said Toss as he kept digging. When he finally managed to get out, he wished he hadn't. The floor was littered with debris, as well as paintings, bodies, and a chandelier. The hallway was completely filled to the roof with debris. Toss reached into his pocket and pulled out a microbot. He then sent it into the debris to search for Mason.


                    Back under the debris

Mason awoke to see debris all around him.

¨Well that's just great.¨ said Mason as he turned on his flashlight. He crawled the direction he remembered the Oval Office being in. He also used his katana and the butt of his gun to break through the debris. Finally, he reached the Oval Office. When he entered the room, he saw a bookshelf with two Chinese soldiers breaking through it with sledgehammers, another one standing guard, and one more talking on his phone. Quickly, Mason pulled out his pistol and shot the guard. Then, he shoved the man at the radio out the window, and shot the men breaking through the bookshelf.

After he dealt with all the men, he grabbed the key given to him by the agent, and put it in a hidden slot behind a book. The shelf then moved over, revealing a small concrete stairway, illuminated by lamps hanging from the ceiling. Fallout shelter signs hang from the wall. The floor was covered in dust and cobwebs. Mason put away his gun and moved slowly through the tunnel. Mason walked for a while, then found what looked to be a steel hatch, like a vault of some sort. There was no key slot. Mason knocked on the door, and said, ¨Sergeant Mason Huet, Task Force Rising Sun, C.I.A.¨

¨Go away Chinese spy!¨ said a voice through the door. It sounded raspy and scared.

¨I´m a friend!¨ said Mason.

¨LIAR!¨ said the voice.

¨I´m breaching the door!¨ said Mason as he placed a breaching charge on the door.

Mason ran back and hopped behind a box as the door exploded. Mason ran into the bunker. It was full of shelves stocked with food and water,as well as a bed, a toilet, and a radio. The president had a .44 magnum at hand, and was aiming it at Mason.

¨Stay BACK!¨ barked the president.

Mason pulled out his badge and showed it to the president.

¨See, I´m a friend.¨ he said.

The president slowly lowered the gun. ¨I´m sorry, I just heard the Chinese breaking in and I kinda went crazy.¨

¨Don't worry ´bout it, ¨ said Mason. ¨Now we should probably get out of here.¨   Mason shattered the office window and he and the president climbed out.

¨Max, come in, I have the president. Time to go!¨ said Mason into his comms.

¨Ok, good. I will bring the tank in too pick you up.¨

¨Great.¨ said Mason. He turned around to see Toss dashing out of the White House.

¨GET BACK!¨ he yelled as he hit the dirt.

BOOM! The White House blew to smithereens, knocking Mason and the president down. After the ringing in Mason´s ears stopped, he got up and walked over to Toss.

¨What.Was.THAT!¨ he said.

¨Lets just say it involved the Chinese, a room full of C4s, and a protein bar.¨

¨Ummmm, I'm not sure I want to know anymore.¨  

¨Good, because you're not gonna find out. ¨

Max suddenly drove the tank up to the white house lawn. The hatch opened and Trueblood came out.

¨GET IN! GO GO GO GO GO!¨ he yelled.

The men boarded the tank and it rolled off.

¨Where are we going?¨ asked Toss.

¨Roosevelt National Airport. There's a plane there for us. Gears is waiting. He can actually fly it. The plane has guns, so we aren't gonna need too much security, but the Air Force insists on it.¨ said Max.  

    ¨You know them.¨ said Mason.The tank started to head for the airport.


                        At the airport

Gears was bored. Very bored, in fact. He had to stay with the plane while the rest of the team did all the ¨dirty work¨ as Max likes to call it. The presidents plane, Air Force One, was destroyed in an airstrike, so that's why Gears was stuck driving his backup. And, well, only Gears and Max know how to drive planes. Gears was sitting in the pilot's seat, relaxing, when he got a call from Mason, saying, ¨JOCK  START THE ENGINE!¨ At first he thought Mason was joking, but when he saw their tank getting chased by a bunch of Chinese jeeps with machine guns, he knew he wasn't. Gears started the engine, and said into his comms, ¨Hurry up!¨

    ¨ Just open the cargo door, we'll drive the tank into there!¨ replied Mason. Gears made the plane started moving, as well as opened the cargo door.

                Back in the tank

¨GO GO GO!¨ yelled Mason as the plane started to move. ¨WE DON'T NEED GEARS LEAVING US!¨

¨TRYING!¨ said Max.

¨AIM FOR THE RAMP!¨ yelled Trueblood. Needle suddenly awoke from his slumber and said, ¨Uhh, what happened?¨


¨Getting closer.¨ said Max. ¨Closer, closer, GOT IT!¨

The tank drove into the back of the plane, and the plane took off, leaving the Chinese behind. Gears let out a big breath and closed the cargo hatch. But as soon as he looked back, he knew it wasn't over yet. He looked behind him to see Chinese fighter jets heading toward the plane, guns blazing.

¨Mason, Toss, Trueblood, man the guns!¨ yelled Gears as he took evasive maneuvers.     Mason climbed into his gun and started firing at the jets. At first, the heavy machine gun kicked back, but he soon got the hang of it. He hit one, causing it to tumble down to the ground, and explode in a ball of flames.

¨Good shot!¨ yelled Needle.

¨Ha, I know!¨ said Mason back to Needle.  

Bullets pang off the side of plane as they soared through the sky, causing the plane to shake wildly.


    ¨I'M ´A TRYING!¨ yelled Trueblood back. Suddenly, one of the jets fired a missile, and it hit the cargo door, causing it to blow open.

¨OH CRAP!¨ yelled Needle as he clutched the wall. The tank started to roll toward the door. It got too close and went spiralling out of the plane, back toward D.C.

¨MY TANK!¨ cried Max.

¨Mr. President, how are you doing!¨ yelled Max over the wind.

¨Fine, I-¨ He didn't finish because the bar he was holding broke, sending him out of the plane, toward the ground below. Seeing this, Mason climbed out of the gunners seat, and ran toward the emergency fire hose. He grabbed it, tied it around his waist, and jumped out of the plane, desperate to save the president.

¨This better hold!¨ muttered Mason to himself as he dove toward the president. But with the plane flying fast, it just whipped him back, sending him straight back after the plane. One of the hostile jets saw Mason, and started to shoot at him with the planes minigun. Bullets sped past Mason as he gripped the hose, wind in his face. ¨The prez must be halfway to the ground!¨ thought Mason.

Suddenly, Mason looked down to see the president holding a parachute the must have fallen out when the door exploded. He opened it and started slowly heading toward the ground. Mason looked back into the plane and saw two more parachutes, tied to the wall.

¨Of only I can shoot that string.¨ thought Mason. ¨Oh wait, I can.¨   He pulled out Equalizer, and aimed it at the string. Then, with a tiny movement of his finger, he fired, knocking the parachute out of the plane. With his free hand, Mason grabbed the parachute, and put it on. Then, he cut the hose, sending him toward the ground. Mason got in close to the president, then grabbed his arm. Then, he opened his parachute.

¨Gears, come and get us! NOW!¨ said Mason into his comm.

¨Coming back around!¨ replied Gears.

¨I hear ya! Hurry up!¨

Suddenly, the plane flew over and snagged the parachute on the hatch.

¨Mission accomplished, back to base.¨said Max as the plane flew off.

                Toronto, Canada. Canadian Military Base

Mason laid down in his bunk and stared at the ceiling. This is where he would be living for the next year. Washington D.C. had fallen and the U.N. has it really bad right now. They have, in fact, ever since the nukes. But this drew the line. Russia, China, North Korea, Mongolia, Iraq, Serbia, Italy, and Mexico had already left the U.N, all because of Blood Moon. The U.S. is pissed, and is planning an invasion on Hong Kong. And the whole team knew they would be part of it somehow. As Mason lie down thinking, Toss suddenly broke into the room.

¨MASON!¨ he said. ¨You have to see this!¨ Mason followed Toss to the meeting room, to see the screen showing an aerial view of Alaska. There was about 20 battleships approaching it.

¨The Chinese are invading Anchorage!¨ said Max as he stared at the screen, in a daze.

The U.S. and Canadian presidents were already planning their assaults.

¨Team, you men need to get in there!¨ said the president.

¨But-¨ Mason couldn't finish because the chopper had landed, and they were soon headed for Alaska.  

                        Anchorage, Alaska.

As the chopper flew over Anchorage, Mason stared at the ground. There was Chinese, Canadian, U.S, and Chineses soldiers clashing on the ground below, as well as Blood Moon cyborgs. Guns blazing, bombs bursting, bullets flying, people dying. The snow was stained with blood.

¨Okay!¨ shouted the pilot. ¨Your mission is to take out the Chinese camp at the Copper mines. Plant bombs on the fuel generators. That should deal with them!¨

¨That doesn't sound too hard.¨ said Needle.

¨Trust me, it will be. The mine is guarded by sentry guns, soldiers, barbed wire, barricades, and sandbags. Oh, did I forget to mention a replica of Project F.R.O.S.T?¨

     ¨How the hell did he get that?¨ asked Max.

¨Possibly from the Koreans.¨ said the pilot.  Suddenly, a shot from a Stinger missile smashed into the tailfin of the chopper, causing it to start spinning rapidly.

¨Crap, we're going down!¨ yelled Mason as he tumbled to the chopper floor.

The chopper crashed into the ground, causing Mason to bang his head on the wall. Mason tasted blood and could feel blood oozing down his face. He looked at Max to see a goose egg on his head. Toss had some shrapnel on his chest, Gears was missing a tooth, and Trueblood has unharmed. The pilot was nowhere to be found. Mason grabbed his sword from the ground, and used it to pry open the door. He then fell into the snow, face first. As he lie on the ground, a Chinese soldier approached him, gun at hand. He grabbed Mason´s wrist, a stepped on him. Mason, feeling a sharp sense of adrenaline, pulled Equalizer out of his belt and shot the soldier in the face. Mason then got up, and joined the battle. Anchorage was a decent sized city, about the population of 800,000. As Mason was running up the road, he saw U.S. soldiers running at him.

“Sir!” one said. “You with Rising Sun?”

“Yeah. Lieutenant Mason Huet of the CIA.” said Mason.

“You’re in the Rising Sun? Took you long enough!”

“Not now soldier, what's the plan.”

“Well, the Chinese have set up camp near the coastline. Our intel shows they are also bringing a nuke to the camp at 11:40 tonight. He have to destroy the plane and salvage the nuke for the U.N. If this fails, Alaska could become Chinese territory. And that, would not end well.”

“I agree. What's your name soldier?” asked Mason.

“Private Aaron ‘Ajax’  O’Neal, 121st regiment.”

“Ajax. I like that name.” said Mason.

“Sir, did you hear? The U.N. is on the brink of disbanding.” Ajax told Mason. “China, Syria, Russia, North Korea, Italy, and Iraq have already left the U.N.”

“I know. That's why we’re here. To stop this.”

“I’m not sure if I want to stop it sir.” said Ajax. “Our government is corrupt, I know it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am loyal to our country and the Army, but the government is hiding something from us. I know it.”

“Yeah, well, we may never know so-” Mason didn’t finish speaking because a sniper shot flew past them.

“SNIPER! GET DOWN!” yelled Ajax as he dashed behind a car and picked up his rifle.

Mason quickly ran toward the car, and hopped over it.

“Find that sniper!” said Mason to Ajax.  

“I’m trying sir!” yelled Ajax .

“Gosh damn it, find him!” Mason yelled. Mason saw the flash of a scope in the sun, coming from a hotel window.

“I see him!” said Mason. Mason started to fire at the sniper, but the sniper just hopped behind the wall.

“Ajax, I’ll cover you! Head for the sniper!” yelled Mason.

“YES SIR! AHHHHHHH!” yelled Ajax as he charged at the sniper. Ajax ran in a sort of zig zag pattern to avoid the bullets, and when he reached the hotel, kicked open the door and charged in, guns blazing. Mason saw Ajax take out the sniper, and run back down.

“Gotti!” yelled Ajax happily.

A military humvee pulled up to the men and Max and Toss hopped out. “Let’s go boys, it's time to come to base.” said Max.

Mason and Ajax got in the car, and it drove to the military camp about 3 miles north of Anchorage. The camp just turned out to be a bunch of tents and huts in the middle of the forest, with soldiers sitting on logs, and the injured sleeping in the tents. Mason saw Trueblood and Needle sitting on a log, eating protein bars.  

“This is the camp.” Mason said to Ajax.

“Yeah, Chinese bombers took out the Air Force Base. Not my fault the government didn’t make a backup base. Well, anyway, welcome to Camp No-name.” Ajax said as he climbed out of the car. The American flag hung on a flagpole, and parked humvees covered the camp.  A man wearing a tattered combat vest, a dented helmet, and a metal walked up to Mason and said, “Hey. I’m General Theo. And you must be Mason.”

“Yeah, general. That's me.” said Mason.

“Ok, I thought so. Anyhow, I was supposed to give you the mission briefing. But the plan was changed, because that ‘Nuke’ was actually a decoy. I know because one of our scouts discovered it is rigged with bombs and contains no radiation. Our new mission from the government is to kill the Chinese general in charge of the operation, Meng Tsai. We avoid the fake nuke. After Meng is dead, then we will seize the day. Mason, you and Max will lead the assault on the base. A civilian militia of Alaskan rebels will help you.”

Mason saw a bunch of men armed with stolen Chinese guns and gear.

“Mason, one of my men, Ajax, will help you. He has scouted the base and knows his way around.”

Mason looked at Ajax and saw him nod.

“You men are our only hope.” said the general.


Mason and Ajax crept through the shadows, toward the camp. The civilian militia slowly followed.

“Camps in view.” whispered Ajax.

“I see it.” respond Mason. Suddenly, Mason heard machine gun fire. Bullets hit the ground around him.

“CRAP!” yelled Ajax as he ran behind a tree.

“OK MEN! THIS IS NOT A BATTLE! THIS IS A LIBERATION! THIS WILL NOW BE KNOWN AS THE LIBERATION OF ANCHORAGE! CHARGE!” yelled Max as all the men charged toward the machine guns, guns blazing. BOOM! Suddenly mines started exploding all around the men, taking men out one by one.

“KEEP RUNNING!” yelled Mason. Ajax suddenly stepped on a mine, and with a look of pure terror on his face, he exploded.

“AJAX!” yelled Mason.

“We have to keep going!” said Max, a look of pure determination on his face. Chinese soldiers charged at the militia, but they kept moving.

“Almost there!” yelled one of the men. Mason suddenly saw what he was dreading: The Chinese Project F.R.O.S.T.  Frost suddenly started to fire its mini-gun hands at the militia. Bullets pinged off the ground, missing the men. Mason chucked a grenade at F.R.O.S.T, blowing off the left leg, and causing it to fall to the ground.

“Got it!” he yelled. While the rest of the men dealt with the Chinese foot soldiers, Mason snuck into the camp to deal with the general. Mason slowly crept into the general's tent. The general wasn’t inside of it. Mason tiptoed over to his laptop, and put it in his backpack.

“What do you think you are doing?” Mason heard someone in a say in a thick Chinese accent. Mason turned around to see the Chinese general, Meng Tsai, standing behind him, a katana at hand. Mason slowly pulled out his katana, and got ready for a fight.

“I’m keeping the laptop.” said Mason.

Before Mason could say anything else, Meng charged at him, and stabbed at him with his katana. Mason noticed the katana had wires all over the front, causing the sword to release electricity. Mason slammed his katana against the generals, causing the general to let go of his, and his sword went flying to the ground. Mason kicked the general in the stomach, sending him to the ground. The general grabbed a chair, and smashed it in Mason's face. Mason felt blood running down his face. Mason swung his katana at Meng, but Meng kicked it out of his hand, sending it outside of the tent.

Mason grabbed a bottle of vodka, and smashed it on the general's head. The general pulled a knife from his vest, but Mason grabbed it. The general slugged Mason in the face, causing Mason to spit blood in the general’s face. Seeing his chance, Mason kicked the general to the ground, and stomped on his back.

“Got ‘em!” yelled Mason into his comm.

Mason heard a helicopter coming in, and looked out the tent to see Marine One itself landing in the base. It landed, and U.S. soldiers stormed out. General Theo and President Kimpell of the United States walked out. General Theo looked kinda worried. Max, Trueblood, and Needle walked up to Mason and high fived him.

“Mr President Sir!” said Mason as he saluted the president.

“At ease.” said the president.

“Mission accomplished sir,” said Needle as he pointed the Mengs knocked out body. “Mason dealt with him.”

“I know.” said Kimpell as he pulled of revolver off his belt and shot Needle in the head.

“WHAT THE HELL!” yelled Trueblood as he aimed his gun at the president. The president shot Trueblood in the chest, sending him tumbling to the ground.

Mason sprinted at the president, but his guards held him down. Toss was nowhere to be seen. Max just looked at the president angrily, before two soldiers grabbed Max and knocked him out.  

“Whats going on here!” Mason said.

“I have no need for the Rising Sun. As far as the public knows, the Rising Sun is now a group of terrorists. This clears the path for the future of the country. Soon, the U.S. will be a new place, a better place.” said the president. “As for you, Mason, you will be taken to a maximum security prison in San Francisco. We need to keep one of you alive.” said the president as two soldiers grabbed Mason and threw him into Marine One.

“What about the Blood Moon?” asked Mason.

“They have been working with us.. All it is is the CIA.” said the president as he walked up to Meng Tsai’s unconscious body, and dragged it to a ditch along with the Rising Suns bodies. He doused them in gasoline, lit a cigar, and threw it in the ditch. Mason just sat still in the helicopter, a great feeling of pain and sadness in his body.

“I guess the Rising Sun has set.” said one of the soldiers as he snickered to another soldier.


“C’mon, C’MON,” said Gears as he logged in to his laptop. “Gosh damn it!” Mason had told Gears what happened, and Gears was trying to make up a plan. Mason had tasked him with starting a group of rebels, a new Rising Sun. Also, because of the upcoming nuclear war, tasked with writing the soon-to-be-infamous Fallout Codes, showing how to survive the nuclear war. The C.I.A, however, discovered Gears was still alive and sent a Task Force to silence him. As Gears typed away, government agents dashed up to stairs, toward Gears’ hotel room. Gears was making a plan. He would colonize part of the forest, and make a camp where he would keep kids, and train them as rebels. They would stop Kimpell.

“WE KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE, GEARS!” yelled one of the men from outside. The men started to ram the door. “DAMN IT!” said Gears as he reached for his pistol. Hands shaking, he loaded a mag into it. He smashed his computer and chucked it out his window, right as the agents busted the door open.

“Can’t catch me!” yelled Gears right as he pulled the trigger. The bullet flew through his head, and he didn´t even scream.

“The computer and Gears are both gone. Gears is dead, and his computer is missing.” said one of men.

“Alert the president, he must know.” said another agent.

                    In the street.

Zeti walked down the street. He groaned as he realized he was late home. But something caught his eye. A busted laptop. “JACKPOT!” he said as he picked it up and put it in his backpack. When he got home, he looked at the screen to see it cracked and frozen on a single document.

“The Fallout Code?” He read.

“Zeti, dinner!” called his mom from downstairs.

“Coming mom!” Zeti yelled in return as he ran downstairs.


            Part 2: Escape.

The chopper neared Iron Valley Penitentiary with Mason in the back. It landed on the room, and two soldiers shoved Mason out of the chopper.

Mason could see the warden and two guards with assault rifles walking toward him.

“Is this him?” the warden asked.

“This is the guy.” said one of the soldiers.

One of the guards started to drag Mason across the ground, toward the roof entrance of the prison.

“Now, Iron Valley is the new Alcatraz.” said the warden. “You try to escape, we put bullets in your head.” The warden handed Mason an orange jumpsuit and directed him to his cell. It was a cell with a big glass window. No bars.

“Now, the glass is bullet, fist, bomb, and pretty much anything else proof.” said the warden to Mason. “Now, go to your cell and change.” Mason entered his cell, put on the jumpsuit, and climbed into the small metal bed and dozed off.


The next morning Mason awoke with a start. A guard holding a nightstick was waiting outside his cell.

“Morning Sleeping Beauty.” the guard said gruffly. “Someone is here to speak with you.” The guard lead Mason down a hall, until Mason saw a roof marked, “Interrogation.” The men walked into the room to see a table, with a chair on each side. And sitting on one of the sides, was General Theo. Seeing the man, Mason snapped. He swung his fist at the man's head, but the guard grabbed him and sat him down, then handcuffed him to the chair.

“Hello, Mason.” said Theo. “I see you are adjusting to prison life.”

“I just got here.” muttered Mason.

“ I know, but that's not why I’m here.”  The general waved the guard out. “I’m here to tell you what you’ve done. You and the Rising Sun have started a rebellion by the same name. People who know about you are rebelling. Burning military recruiting posts, planting bombs in military bases, shooting off- duty soldiers, etc. That’s because of you. Max’s body was never found, leading us to believe he is alive and leading the rebels. Do to that matter, we are hunting down anyone who assisted the Rising Sun and killing them. Anyway, we have had an idea that can and will change the world. But to carry it out we have to disband the United Nations. We have decided to ally with the Middle East, North Korea, and Russia to help us with this task. We call our idea IHSP, or the Immortal Homo Sapiens Project. This project will make anyone who takes it immortal, and immune to anything. Poison, freezing, flames, you name it. We need you to test it. And that’s why we need to test it on the whole nation. So that’s why we’re going to start with you first.” Theo placed a white capsule on the counter, with a blue strip on it with the label “WW” printed in bold capital letters. Theo waved the security guard in. The guard placed down a glass of water on the counter in front of Mason.

“Take the pill.” said Theo.

Mason didn’t respond.

“Take the dang pill!” said Theo.

“Make me you bloody moon lord!” said Mason as he jumped backward. The guard then forced him into tried to force the pill down his throat, but Mason closed his mouth tight. The guard began to pinch his nose and put in electric nose plugs so he couldn't talk a breath through his nose. Eventually, Mason had to open his mouth to breathe, or else he would get shocke by the nose plugs. So finally, the guard shoved the pill down his throat. Mason almost choked, but it got down to his esophagus. suddenly felt a tingling sensation in his head, and a burning feeling in his stomach. His vision became blurry and he started to wretch. Mason got up and stumbled toward Theo, his fists raised.
“W-what did you do to me!” he hissed.

“Made you our new test subject, lieutenant,” said Theo as Mason heard a faint laugh as he passed out on the metal chair.


Mason awoke in the iron bed of his cell with a throbbing pain in his head. He tried to force himself out of bed, but ended up falling to the ground and vomited.

“Hey!” heard Mason. One of the guards was running toward Mason’s cell with a nightstick.

“Uhhhh.” Mason groaned as the guard opened the cell. The guard pulled a needle from his vest and stuck it in Mason's arm, causing Mason’s head to clear out and his stomach stopped burning.

“What was that?” I asked the guard.

Kaopectate-1” said the guard. “Anti-vomiting meds mixed with headache meds.”

“Well, since I’m your first subject, I’ll give you a little bit of feedback: It helped.” said Mason.

“No dip.” said the guard. “Anyway, it’s time for lunch. You’ve been out for around a day.” The guard led Mason down the hallway, toward the Mess Hall. Mason saw a buffet line with guards wearing hairnets scooping mashed potatoes and jello as well as a lunch lady handing out chicken legs. The guard shoved Mason and said, “Eat.”

Mason helped himself to a plate of chicken and jello. He sat by himself and silently ate his food.