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Lost and Found Again


Amy lives alone with her sister Jilly. Ever sense that fateful night a year ago, she's been winging it on her own with no sense of direction. When a new kid comes into town and tugs at Amy's heart strings it's all she can do to keep sane. The new kid brought a lot to the table, more than Amy is willing to handle.

Follow Amy and Jilly as they take you on a wild trip. Go with them through their weakest points and their strongest. Read as they support one another and also find support in others. 

Chapter 1

Ring ring
Amy jumped and looked down at her unfinished work. With a sigh she packed up, knowing she would have to finish it for homework tonight. She left the class shaking her head and made her way to lunch. Amy saw her best friend Beth sitting with her boyfriend of eight months, Luke. There wasn't a time when Beth and Luke were separated. A pang went through Amy because once upon a time that was her and Beth. 
"Hey Beth. Hey Luke." Amy said sitting down.
"Hey girl, where's your lunch?" Beth asked with concern. Beth knew how bad things could be at home for Amy and worried about her. 
"I-I forgot it when I left this morning." Amy bowed her head and talked to the table. Beth looked down at her school lunch. It wasn't much, just a burnt pizza and some type of frozen fruit but it was all she had. Shaking her head she pushed the plate over to Amy. 
"No Beth I'm not taking your food. You know how I'd feel." Amy said already feeling a rash coming on her chest from the act. 
"Amy you need to eat." Beth said looking to Luke for backup. Even though Beth and Luke have been dating for eight months, Luke and Amy weren't very close so Luke just sat there playing with his hands. 
"So Luke how's the season going so far?" Amy asked trying to change the subject. 
"Um yea its good. We made it to states." Luke reached up and scratched the back of his head ruffling his hair.
"I'm so proud of my baby." Beth smiled from ear to ear and leaned over to give him a quick peck on the cheek. Amy turned her head and made a gaging motion. 
"Oh my God Amy!" Beth yelled excitedly and smacked the table.
Amy jumped at the sound. "What?!"Her voice wavered when she spoke. 
"There's a new kid. I heard he's in our grade and smokin' hot." Beth practically squealed. Luke looked up with a frown on his face. 
Now that Amy thought about it she did remember hearing something this morning about their being a new kid. It was strange because not many new people came into town. Even fewer came their senior year with three months left. With how small the town of Brecksville is, gossip gets around pretty fast. Everyone knows everything at anytime. That's the only thing Amy hated about her hometown.
"Why would someone join this late in the year?" Confusion laced Luke's words as he spoke.
"That is what everyone is trying to figure out. He's got this bad-boy persona that is kinda attractive." Beth bounced in her seat, a huge grin plastered to her face. 
"Um Beth hiya I'm still here." Luke pouted putting his chin in his hand. 
"I know hun, I'm not excited for me. I
I'm excited for Amy." 
"Me!? What do you mean?" Amy narrowed her eyes at Beth knowing that whatever Beth said next she wasn't going to like it. At all. 
"I am going to hook you up with the newbie." Beth's smile was brighter than a stars as her plan came into mind. 
"Beth don't you dare. I'm fine on my own. I don't need a boyfriend. Not this close to the end of high school." Amy shook her head and whinned a little. As much as Amy really did want a boyfriend, that was not something she was able to have. 
"Come on Amy loosen up. You only have a few more months until this place is gone for good. Have some fun for once." Beth wiggled in her seat trying to dance but didn't have enough space.
"I don't need fun. I need to pass with good grades. Promise you'll stay out of my love life." Amy hated when people messed with her personal life, even her best friend sense first grade. It wasn't something she enjoyed discussing or promoting. 
"Bethany Anne Hart I swea-"
Ring ring
Amy is cut off by the sharp shrill of the bell signaling the end to lunch. With a lurch Beth stood up started walking away dragging Luke behind in the process. 
"Love you Amy. Talk to you later!" She called over her shoulder. 
Amy sat dumbfounded at the luck on Beth's side. How often does that happen outside of a book or movie? Never! Shaking her head with disbelief Amy pulled her bag up from the ground and swung it over her shoulder. She walked to class with a sulk. Amy knew that Beth had her best interests at heart but she should have talked with Amy first. 
As soon as Amy walked in the door of her government class she made her way to her favorite seat, the one in the back corner next to the window. Looking out the window she could see the sun shinning off of the fresh rain that covered the grass from the courtyard. That's what she was looking at when the new kid walked in. 
Amy wasn't aware of him still as he took the last open seat in the class. The one right next to her. She wasn't aware of him as the bell rang and Mrs. Graham began her lesson on a topic Amy would never remember. Only when she felt a light tap on her left shoulder did she finally catch her first look of the new guy. 
He was wearing a black leather jacket despite it being 90° outside. It was paired with a dark pair of jeans. Not the skinny ones everyone seemed to wear lately. They were lose but still tight enough to look somewhat charming. He wore a black and white pair of high-top converse and a black watch on his right wrist that looked fairly old. Hair as black as oil fell into eyes that were a brighter blue than the sky on its brightest day. The guys jaw was sharp enough to cut diamonds and he had a slight five o'clock shadow. Amy's heart skipped a beat as she took him in. 
He flashed her a charming smile. One that said, yea I know I'm attractive. Amy immediately started putting up walls. 
"Hey do you have pen and paper that I could borrow?" He lifted his arm and dragged it up her arm slowly. "Please?"
Amy scoffed and moved her arm away from his touch. Instant dislike ran through her body shocking her to the core. 
"Whatever." Amy tossed him her pencil and a folder with paper in it so as not to touch him. "Keep the folder. I don't know where your hands have been." Amy shuddered just thinking about all the possible scenario's, each one worse than the last. 
The smile on his face faded as what she said sank in. It was replaced with a frown and some unpleasant words tossed in her direction. Amy rolled her eyes at him and went back to looking out the window.
"My name is-" he started. Before he could say more Amy turned around sharply and glared at him cutting off what he was saying.
"I don't want to know your name. Leave me alone." With finality she turned back to the window for the third time that period and refused to look back for anything. 
"Ms. Hart would you care to answer the question?" 
Amy jumped when she heard the teachers voice call her name. She started biting on her pinky nail as she asked the teacher to repeat the question. 
"I asked you to give me the defenition of federalism." Mrs. Graham tapped her foot against the hundred year old tiles.
"I'm sorry ma'am I can't." Amy said with her head down to hide her embarresment at not knowing the answer. 
"Very well. Mr. Summers do tell me what is the definition?" 
"It is the division of power between federal and state power." Said the guy sitting next to Amy. She proceeded to roll her eyes at him. 
"Very good. Ms. Hart pay attention please." Mrs. Graham said as she turned to go back to her desk.
"Looks like you could use some lessons. I can teach you some things." He said. Somehow he made it come out as an innuendo which prompted Amy to make a gagging motion for the second time that day. 
"Didn't I tell you to leave me alone?" Amy took down at her notebook and started doodling. 
He leaned over and and watched her draw. She could feel his breath on her neck. Amy got self-conscience and leaned farther over her paper, her hair cascading around her face creating a curtain. He started to lean closer. Getting pissed she snapped up. 
"Back to fuck up." Amy pushed his shoulder and put her notebook away knowing she wasn't going to be able to do anything.
"Ah come on baby I just wanna have some fun." he said with his charming smile back on his face.
"Oh ew gross." At a last attempt to ignore him Amy pulled out her headphones and pulled up Pandora on her phone. She turned up the volume to block outside noises and turned back to the window.
A note in the form of a plane landed on her desk. One of the wings said 'To Ms. Hart'. Shaking her head she opened it up and read it.
I'm sorry. If it helps I was joking. Somewhat. Accept my apology?
Amy scoffed and shook her head taking out her pencil and writing back. With a flick of her wrist the paper sailed though the air and landed on his desk. He looked a little impressed and Amy felt a dash of pride go through her. She watched him open it.
No Mr. Charming I will not accept your apology. LEAVE. ME. ALONE!!! 
Amy smiled as the frown formed on his face. Another piece of pride made its way through her. Amy thought about how Beth had wanted to set her up with the new kid. Amy laughed at the notion now. 
Mr. Charming as she called him was nothing more than a charmer that wanted to get into the pants of everything that walked. People like that disgusted her. She would never date someone like that. Not even if she on her death bed and it was the only way to save her life. 
Mr. Charming looked at Amy with respect and gave a slight nod. She had won this time. Amy spent the rest of the period thinking about nothing in particular. 


Chapter 2

Have you seen the new kid yet? Beth jumped on Amy's back at her locker.
"Oh you mean Mr. Charming?" Amy replied sarcastically.
"Aha so you like him!" Beth does a happy dance while Amy grabs the books she will need for homework that night.
"No. He is so conceited. He's the perfect example of a fuckboy. A walking cliche." Amy shakes her head and walks towards the huge double doors that led to student parking.
How would you know? Beth stops in the middle of the hallway reaching out and grabbing Amy's arm yanking her to a sudden stop. Amy rolled her eyes at her best friend.
He is in my Govt. class and his seat was next to mine. He tried talking to me, or shall I say tried to get into my pants.  Amy yanked her arm out of Beth's death grip and continued walking. 
"Maybe next time you should say yes. You need loosen up a bit." Beth said.
"Just because I should loosen up doesn't mean I should become loose."  Amy huffed, pissed at her friend.
Beth sighed and ran to catch up with Amy. "That's not what I meant and you know it." Beth loved her friend but wanted her to branch out more.
"Honestly these last few months you've been a stranger to me. So no I don't know what you mean." It slipped out before Amy could stop it. Her eyes went wide but she didn't try to apologize.
"What? Amy I have a boyfriend. I'm in a commited relationship. That means we have to hang out and date. I thought you understood this." Beth's voice was laced with anger and confusion.
"Of course I understand that. But that doesn't mean you get to abandon your freinds!" Amy's voice gets louder with each word. The anger making itself known. 
Amy squeezed her hand into a fist and walked out the doors. She didn't want to get in a fight with Beth, not now. Walking out in the heat she took a deep breath to calm herself.
"I thought I was giving you a ride?" Beth calls out. 
"I'll walk."
Amy walked the 2 miles to her house. The weight of her backpack slowing her down. Sweat beaded down her face causing her vision to blur. The sun was high in the sky shinning down golden rays. Amy would have enjoyed the sight of the sun reflecting off the wet grass any other time, but not this one. All she could do was steam about what Beth had said.
Beth and Amy have been friends their whole lives. They used to do everything together. That all changed when Luke came into the picture. Amy had nothing personal against Luke, but its like dating Luke opened up Beth's eyes to other people, other possibilities and that bothered Amy. 
A tear slipped out mixing with the sweat. The conversation earlier just added on to an already stressful day. Beth used to be so confident and loving towards her, but now its like all Beth wants to do is go out and party. 
Amy couldnt help but think if this was the beginning to the end of their friendship.
Amy walked in the back door of her house and immediately went to the fridge for a quick snack. Grabbing some pretzels and putting them in a tiny baggy Amy looked around the house. It was plenty big enough for the people that lived there, with a barely used dinning room, a TV with no cable, two couches both of which were never used. Empty picture frames hung on the walls, reminding Amy of everything that could have been but wasn't.   
She glanced down at the time and let out a long sigh. Not even bothering to throw her stuff in her room, she threw it by the door and ran out the door. 
Suck it up Amy. Its time to go get Jilly.
Amy shook her head and walked back out of the house going down to Amy's preschool. Amy could see Jilly playing on the playground. Her stick straight almond hair sticky with sweat. Her smile lit up Amy's world more than the sun ever would.
Amy looked up at the sun then, basking in its warm glow. It wasn't often she was out of the house and she cherished the moments she was. Not paying attention she didn't notice that the bell had rung and little kids plowed out of the school looking for parents and older siblings.
Small arms wrapped around her legs and a face buried their way between her thighs. Looking down Amy saw the sweetest little thing looking up at her with bright blue eyes, similar to her own. Amy's smile grew bigger than her face as she reached down and picked her up. 
Hey Jilly-Bean. How was school today. Jilly giggled at her nickname.
Mr. Scott said we are going to have an end of summer party. Do you think you could come help this time? Jilly gave Amy the fattest smile ever and it broke Amy's heart.
I don't know honey. I might be in school that day. Amy watched as a frown made an appearance on Jilly's face. 
Why are you always in school? Jilly tapped Amy's nose as she asked the question. Her nose wiggled automatically. 
Same as you. To learn and grow. Come on let's go get you signed out. Amy started walking back towards Jilly's class. Jilly was hummimg a tune to a song she's had stuck in her head all week. Amy found herself singing along to it.
Signing Jilly out only took a couple minutes but Jilly refused to leave before saying goodbye to every kid in her class. It happened everyday and made the normally 5 minute process 30 minutes long. 
On the way out Jilly wanted a piggy-back ride and it didn't take a lot of begging on her part for Amy to say yes. Amy ran down the sidewalk towards their house with Jilly on her back bouncing up and down with each step, her laughter piercing the air and making Amy smile like she hasn't in days. 
Amy stopped running when she felt a soft tap on her shoulder. Jilly was still giggling when Amy had come to a complete stop at a crosswalk. Craning her head Amy looked up at Jilly.
Can we have Mac & Cheese for dinner. Pleeaasse? Jilly tilted her head and gave Amy a grin that got her every time.
Damn how can I say no to that?
We'll see Jilly-Bean. Jilly gave a high pitched squeal that caused Amy to cover her ears and hunch over. Not the easiest thing to do with a four-year-old child on your back. 
Before crossing the street Amy lifter her up and gently put her on the ground. They walked peacefully the rest of the way home humming Believer by Imagine Dragons.

Chapter 3

Chris watched from his car as Amy carried a little girl on her back. He was parked a couple buildings away from the preschool that she picked the child up from. He was so invested on watching them that he didn't hear his phone ring the first time. Scrambling Chris found his phone on the passenger seat and looked at the caller ID. Eyes wide he quickly answered.
Ye- yes hello. Sir. Chris' heart was racing as he waited for a response, scared of what it could be.
Next time answer the first time I call. A hard voice spoke through. 
Sorry sir. Chris bowed his head in shame even though the person on the phone couldn't see him.
Status report. 
Unfortunately I have nothing to report. Everything seems to be in order. Chris cringed as he relayed this information back to his boss.
There was a pause on the line. Then, Find out what you can. I expect more tomorrow.
The line went dead before Chris had to time reply. He let out a huge breath he didn't know he was holding in. Starting up the car he drove off towards his temporary house of living.

          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          
Amy woke up to a small body jumping on her. She startled and sat up quickly throwing the body off her. The person screamed as they went flying across the bed. Amy looked up and saw Jilly clutching her arm. 
Jilly! Oh God honey I'm so sorry. Are you okay? Amy quickly threw the blanket off of Her and scrambled over to Jilly. 
I think so. My arm hurts. Jilly looked down at the arm she was cradling. There was a deep red cut in her arm. Jilly began to cry as the blood dripped down her arm. 
Oh god. Amy scooped up Jilly bridal style and ran up the stairs. She grabbed her moms keys from the hook inside the cereal cupboard, threw on some shoes, and ran out to the car a crying Jilly in her arms. "Hold on baby we're going to the hospital." Amy buckled her in quickly and sat down in the drivers seat her hands shaking uncontrollably.
Amy it hurts. Jilly whinned. 
I know honey. I know. A tear slid down Amy's cheek. She pulled out of the driveway and sped down the street to the hospital. 
10 minutes later Amy pulled into the hospital parking lot. She hurried out of the car, grabbing Jilly, and ran to the front door. 
The first thing Amy noticed was the smell. Antiseptics and bleach mixed together creating a toxic smell that burned her nose hairs. There was a reception desk five feet away. An elderly woman with grey hair and laugh lines sat behind it. Amy walked up to the desk with a brisk pace, Jilly in her arms. The woman, whose name tag read Betty, smiled at Amy and glanced down at Jilly. When she saw the wound covering her arm she let out a surprised cry and grabbed a phone. Yelling she called for a Dr. Monroe.
"Just wait one minute he's on his way down." The elderly woman smiled down at Jilly as she whispered sweet nothings. When Jilly nodded off Betty glared at me. "How could you let this happen? How careless of a mom could you possibly be?" Betty put her hands on her chubby waist and raised an eyebrow in question.
Amy let out a little cry and almost fell to the floor with Jilly in her arms. Blood covered the front of her shirt and most of her side. Amy knew people would think this if she brought Jilly in for this kind of injury. It was what she wanted to avoid, but she has no medical experience and didn't know how bad her cut really was.
"I'm not her mother. This was an accident I swear. I accidently pushed her this morning and she flew into a pair of scissors that was lying on my bed." Amy realized how that sounded as soon as the words left her mouth. She let out a groan.
Betty continued to give her a cold glare. "Why did you push her?" Betty was reaching for the phone and Amy knew that if she got ahold of it she would call social services and Amy couldn't let that happen.
"I have nightmares and this morning she jumped on me to wake me up. It scared me out of my sleep and my self-preservation instinct took over before I was fully awake and could
understand what was happening.
"Alright well the bleeding has stopped, and it doesn't look too deep from where I'm standing. Why don't we get her an x-ray and then we'll stitch her up. Sound good?" A low, masculine voice said from behind her.
           The man standing behind her was an older gentleman, somewhere in his mid forties. He had once brown hair that was graying badly on the sides. His hard jawline contradicted with his soft brown eyes. He had on baby pink scrubs and a white lab coat with a name tag that was just out of sight of Amy. 
           Amy turned around with new found fear coursing through her body. The first and most important thought was getting Jilly looked at and taken care of, but that was followed very closely by her second more foreboding thought. How would she pay for this? The man standing behind her seemed to read all of the questions going through her mind and held up a hand to stop her. 
           "Don't worry about the coast just yet. Let's just her all fixed up first." The man who Amy assumed to be Dr. Monroe turned his attention to Jilly. "And what's your name cutie?" 
           "M-my name's Jillian, but my friends call me Jilly." Jilly hid her head and she responded to Dr. Monroe. Amy's heart broke at her stutter. 
           "Well it's very nice to meet you Jilly." Dr. Monroe turned his head to Amy. "Follow me and we'll set her up with an x-ray to make sure the damage is just superficial." Dr. Monroe started walking down a hallway towards an elevator. Jilly seeing the buttons began squirming in her arms. Dr. Monroe noticed this action and gave a slight chuckle. "It seems I have forgotten how to press the buttons, do you think you could help me out Jilly?" 
          Jilly let out an excited squeal and all but jumped out of Amy's arms trying to reach the buttons. Once Dr. Monroe told her what number to press Amy get him a slight smile as a way of saying thanks. He gave back a responding nod and led the way out of the elevator when it opened. 
          Dr. Monroe led Jilly to a room a little farther down the hallway. Just as Amy was about to step in Dr. Monroe stopped her, telling her that it would be better if she just waited in the hallway and he would let her back in when he was doing the stitches. Amy couldn't do anything except pace and think about this mornings events. Tears rushed down her face with all of her emotions. Anger, grief, sadness, anxiety, fear. They all raced through her making her edgy and on the verge of having a panic attack. 
           Finally after what felt like years the door opened and Dr. Monroe waved her in. Practically running she rushed into the room and scooping Jilly into her arms, tears rushing down her face once more. A clearing of someone's voice brought Amy back to reality. 
           "The x-ray showed no damage to the bone so a few stitches and she should be all good. Just no playing rough for a couple weeks." Dr. Monroe grabbed a sewing kit as he was speaking and walked over to Jilly's arm.   
           "Thank you for everything Dr. Monroe." Amy said. No getting a response she looked over at the doctor and saw him concentrating on the stitches. Not wanting to disturb his concentration she sighed and kissed Jilly's temple, hugging her tight and refusing to let go. 
           Dr. Monroe finished in record time and gave Jilly a sticker and lollipop for being such a good patient. "She's all good to go. Just go to the front desk, have them print out discharge papers and get a copy of the bill and you should be good to go. Good-bye Jilly." Dr. Monroe gave them one last charming smile and walked out of the room to find other patients. 
           Tired and worn out Amy carried Jilly back to the elevator and down to the main floor. With little hassle Amy got the papers she needed and left. She new better than to open the paper that would set her back on house bills for a month. She just worried about carrying a partially sleeping Jilly back to the car. 
           Once Jilly was all buckled in Amy looked at the clock. All hope she had of going back to bed ended once she saw the time. It was almost 7 in the morning. Jilly had to be at school in thirty minutes and Amy in 40. She was going to cut it close. Amy was tempted to just skip school and let Jilly stay home, but Amy couldn't miss any more classes. If she missed even one more she would get expelled and she just couldn't do that to Jilly. Or her mother. 
           With a sigh Amy pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home. Glancing in the rearview mirror she saw Jilly playing with toys she kept back there. A tear escaped as Amy drove home, all of her thoughts focused on Jilly and the new medical bill she couldn't pay.