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Welcome to Kronans; A gang infested city right on the edge of Southern California. Valentyne "V" St. Claire is the son of the popular Kronans tv talk show host, Helen St. Claire, but is more known for being the second-in-command of the Crimson Angels, Kronans' largest gang. Ekko "Lockheart," the devious pragmatist with some behavioral issues who makes their living off of petty thievery, ends up accidentally stealing V's heart soon after he transferred high schools in the sophomore year. After three years of trying to get the attention of the social outcast, V finally manages to ask Ekko out, to which they agree. Three months later, at graduation, V offers for Ekko to stay with him in his expensive RV on the beach, and they agree again.  However, problems arise in paradise when the two face life-threatening situations for themselves, their family, and their friends. With this, Ekko has to decide if all of the highs are worth the lows, decide if they should break the promise that they made V; no matter how bad the nights are for them, that they'll always be holding his hand in the daylight.

P R O L O G U E ;;

                             "You said you always had a crush on me."

                              "Do you remember?"


                                       It was December fourteenth, sophomore year when I first saw them.

     "Did you meet the new transfer students yet?" My best friend and partner-in-crime Lukas asked me, but before I got a chance to answer him, my locker neighbor Juliet answered.
     "I did!" She chirped beside me. "Elyjah is so cute!" She hugged her book tightly against her chest before putting back in her locker.
     "Aren't they identical twins or something?" I aimed the question to the girl next to me. "What makes one cuter than the other?"
     "Personality! Duh," Juliet rolled her eyes at me. "Plus they aren't completely identical. To be honest, the other twin kind of scares me."

     "Do you not remember the other twin's name? I'm sure Elyjah would appreciate that," I responded.

     "I'm sorry! It kinda slipped my mind. It did begin with an 'E' as well though."

     "Everything slips your mind."

     Juliet opened her mouth to refute my comment but Lukas was already pointing behind her.

     "That's Elyjah," He said.

     I turned my head to see who he was pointing to. The boy was tiny and had chocolate brown hair with sparkling bright blue eyes. He had a slightly oversized pastel blue sweater with light ripped jeans to match. He was smiling and laughing with a group of people around him. He reminded me a lot of my younger brother, Skylar.

     "Do you think he likes the color blue?" I asked to no one in particular.
     "Shut up you asshat!" Juliet playfully slapped my arm while Lukas giggled in the background. "Isn't he cute?" She asked the both of us.
     "He reminds me too much of Skylar," I answered and Lukas jumped in.

     "Yo, I thought that too when I saw him!" He practically yelled.
     "Yeah, yeah, say what you want. He's still cute," She gave us a small pout.

     "You know who is actually cute?" Lukas' question popped up and I wish I didn't know that answer.

     "Me?" I replied sarcastically because we all already know the answer.

     "No, you douchebag. Ash is."

     "Yeah, we get it. You have a flower boy for a boyfriend. You haven't stopped talking about him since freshman year. We know, Lukas, we know," I put my hand on his shoulder. "We know."

     "Why must you rub in the fact that you have a relationship but we're still single?" Juliet whined from behind us.

     "I don't care about being single. Don't group me with you, you hopeless romantic," I sounded more disgusted than I wanted to, but Juliet understood.

     "Sorry, I forgot that being in a relationship would ruin your bad boy aesthetic. "
     "See now you're getting it," I patted her shoulder and gave her a big sarcastic smile. Truth was, I just didn't like anyone enough to date them.


     It wasn't until after school that I got to see the other twin. My group of friends like to meet at the corner about a block from our school and across the street is a bus stop. Standing there was another tiny person who looked a lot like Elyjah. Except they had raven black hair and crimson eyes, dressed in all black. Literally. Even their earbuds were black.

     I kinda just...stared at them.
     "Oh look, the vampire is out in sunlight," I barely heard someone say beside me.

     "Weird. Elyjah's mom picked him up. Why didn't she pick up Ekko as well?" Another person spoke up.

     "Ekko..." I mumbled the name. "Is that his name?" 
     "Woah, I think V has a crush here." Someone teased, but I wasn't paying any attention. I don't even think I was blinking.

     "Well his name is Valentyne," Someone else mocked, but, once again, I still was only paying attention to Ekko.

     "Wow, he didn't even listen when we called him by his full name," They waved their hand in front of my face, but I didn't even flinch. "He must have it bad. He's basically drooling."

     I finally broke myself out of my trance, frantically blinking and shaking my head. "WHAT? What's happening?"

     The whole group started laughing.

     "I never thought I would see V in love," Cal said in between his laughing fits.
     "I'm not in love, you jackfuck," I said, rolling my eyes. "He's just...cute."
     "I can't believe you have a crush on the vampire," Lukas commented, barely over his own laughing fit.

     "Vampire...?" I subtly questioned the group.

     "Yeah, that's what we nicknamed him. He even has red eyes. I don't believe in the supernatural, but he's definitely a vampire," Kat said in an odd matter-of-fact manner.

     "Well he could take a bite out of me anytime," I thought outloud, eyes drifting back to the small student. 

                                  But the bus arrived all too soon and kidnapped Ekko from me.

     It became an everyday thing to watch Ekko get on the bus, which might be seen as creepy, but hey, it just happens that their bus stop is right in front of my ron de vu spot.


     Ekko was a quiet and reserved person. For the first two weeks. In fact, they were practically invisible for the first two weeks they transferred to my high school. Slowly but surely, however, they became a loud presence at our school. First, it was just talking back to students and staff. Next, it became fighting with students and staff. Then physically fighting students and staff. They were really good too, especially since they were tiny. They even took down a couple of my friends, who really deserved it anyway.

     However, it wasn't until a week before our senior prom that I decided to strike up a conversation with them. I know, over two years and I never talked to the kid. I'm pretty disappointed in myself. 

     "You should just ask him to prom. That's how I got Ash to date me, by asking him to junior prom," Lukas was desperately trying to help me in my situation with Ekko.

     "I didn't even plan on going to prom in the first place and...wait a minute," I trailed off, just then comprehending the entirety of what he said. "Did you just say that you started dating Ash at the end of junior year? I thought you were dating him in sophomore year?"

     Lukas looked at me wide-eyed. Honestly, I'm also kind of disappointed that it took me two years to realize he was lying about his relationship but that's besides the point. "Did I say that? Ah, well, shit happens. Anyways, we're not talking about me, we're talking about you."

     I squinted my eyes at him. "You're the reason why I have trust issues."

     "That's legit," He answered me, sighing. "Ekko might want to go, do it for him." Lukas got up off of the stair he was sitting on. We were outside of school, and since we skipped our last period, we were outside of school early. And the moment Lukas grabbed my arm is the same moment the final bell rung, which was oddly timed. "Please ask him? I don't want it to just be me and Ash again this year."

     "He doesn't seem like the type of person to go to prom anyways, so I wouldn't bet your ice cold heart on it," I responded to his pleads while pulling my box of cigarettes from my pocket. 

     "Well I see him coming now so ask him. For me," He gave me a forced smiled which I rolled my eyes to.  I saw them walking out of the corner of my eye and I quickly grabbed their arm and pulled them over.

     We kinda all just stared at each other, except Ekko had suspicion and a hint to hatred gleaming over his crimson eyes.

     "Uh..." I panicked, feeling the box I still had in my hands. "Do you want a cigarette?" I asked them, holding up my box of cigarettes. I heard Lukas let out a giggle.

     Their stares looked more disgusted than suspicious, but they still looked ready to murder both of us. "...No. I don't smoke," Ekko spoke slowly, clearly very unsure of my actual intentions.

     "Good," I said more casually, pulling out a cigarette for myself and lighting it. "Smoking is bad for you."

     Ekko let out a laugh themselves, seeming both slightly amused and irritated at the same time.  "Can I go now?" They asked, taking a step back.

     "Do you want a ride home?" I asked, blowing smoke off to the side.

     "My mom taught me not to get into a stranger's car," They responded more sarcastically. I liked them even more.

     "That's legit. Then let's not be strangers anymore. People call me V, and my favorite music artist is Halsey," I offered them a small smile.
     And they seemed to take the offer. "The name's Ekko and I like to listen to Fall Out Boy."
    "An emo vampire..." Lukas breathed behind me.

    "Shut the fuck up," I told him, blowing smoke over my shoulder. "Anyways, do you want a ride home or not?"

     "Fine, you got me convinced," They walked in towards us. "But, uh, if you try anything funny, I will not hesitate to kill you. Okay?" They asked so casually, as if they didn't just threaten my life.

     "My type," I responded, stepping on my cigarette. "That's an easy deal. Let's go."

     "Uh, wait, you're supposed to drive me home," Lukas protested as we started walking away.

     "Have Ash take you home then," I yelled behind me as I continued walking Ekko to my car.

     "So where do you live?" I questioned them while opening the car doors.

     "You can just drop me off at East Boulevard," They responded.

     "I bet that's like twenty miles from your house, isn't it?" I interrogated them while starting the car.
     They gave me a sheepish smile. "Delta Street. You can drop me off at Delta Street," They answered while continuing to look directly ahead.

     "So, you know, prom is coming up, and I was curious if you planned on going," I posed the question, sounding a lot more chill than I felt asking it.

     Ekko let out a laugh again, obviously understanding exactly what I meant by the question. "No, no I wasn't planning on going. Not my kind of thing, yanno?"

     "Good, because I didn't want to go myself, and I was only going to go if you were, but since we're both not, I have an alternative."

     "Oh really? I can't wait to hear what you have planned," Their sass was lethal.

     "Well, my friend Cal is hosting a party that night, and that seems a lot more interesting than senior prom, right?"

     "A party with a bunch of people I don't know, except they're all wasted and stoned off their ass. Fantastic."

     "Hey, you know me!"


     Once again, lethal sass.

     "Well, I thought that would be our first date, but clearly you're not interested."

     "A party for a first date. Classy."

     "Welcome to Kronans. This is as classy as it gets," I almost had a hard time keeping up with his sarcasm.

     "Okay, fine," They gave a defeated sigh. "I'll go to the party."

     "You don't have to if you don't want to. I won't force you."

     "No, I want to go," They paused for a moment. "With you."

     "I'll protect you," I smirked towards the roads.

     "Oh my hero," They spoke, sounding absolutely thrilled. "I can hold my own, but thanks anyways."

     "Oh believe me, I know you can," I glanced at the other for a moment. "It's hot."

     Ekko let out another laugh, and honestly, I don't think that they expected that. "I'm so honored that you think so," They rolled their eyes.

     "So, I'll talk to you about it more tomorrow?" I asked more so than I stated it while I pulled over onto Delta Street.

     "Yeah," They said, getting out of my car. "I'd like that."


     "So? How did it go?" Lukas impatiently questioned me after I answered his fourteen missed calls.

     "Well, I got myself a date," I answered casually.

     "Great! So it won't just be me and Ash now."
     "Oh, we're not going to prom."

     "Wait, what?"


     "Hey Ekko!" I pulled them over after the end of graduation (Which we were both kicked off of the ceremony, by the way).

     "Yeah? What's up?" They pondered.

     "Yanno, I own this RV, and it kinda just sits on the beach all the time, and I tend to stay there during summer, so I wanted to know if you wanted to stay with me this summer."

     "Are you asking me to move in with you?"

     "Only during summer."

     Ekko smiled at me. "Yeah. I'd love to."



                          "Yeah, of course I remember."

O N E ;;

                                                                                                                                     "WE ARE THE NEW AMERICANA."                                "HIGH ON LEGAL MARIJUANA."



   The first thing I do not want to wake up to is purposely out of tune singing. I peeked one eye open and immediately shut it again due to the amount sunlight seeping in through the windows. I slowly opened one eye so it can adjust to the blinding light. Then the other. Honestly, if it wasn't for the blaring music and V's very off tune singing, I might've thought that I've ascended into Heaven. 
I groaned as I sat up in the bed, eyes squinted slightly because it was so goddamn sunny in Kronans. The only reason I moved out of bed and didn't go back to sleep was because I really wanted to tell V to shut the fuck up.

     I trudged my way up to the front of the RV where V was sitting in driver's seat. I peeked my head out from behind the seat. "Can you shut the fuck up you useless paperclip? Thanks."
     V turned his head to face me, the sunlight perfectly reflecting off of his bright amber eyes. "Good morning to you, too," He said, turning down the radio. "Glad to see you're finally awake. Lukas wants me to come over and I didn't want to leave you alone, so."
     "Couldn't you just wake me up like a normal human being?" I didn't deserve this.
     "I mean, I could've, but why would I?" He shrugged, rising up from his seat. "Waking up to Halsey is the way to live."
     "What does Lukas even want at this hour? What even is the hour?" I grunted my question, turning to start walking back to the back of the RV.

     "Twelve something? I don't know, but apparently Ash obtained important information regarding the Beach Boys," He filled me in as we walked to the back.

     "Too early," I simply responded.

     I felt the humid air wrap itself around my body and cling to me as if it was going to fall off as soon as I stepped outside. The one thing I hate about summer is that it's way too hot to wear hoodies and jackets, especially since all of mine are black. I think I really was a vampire in a past life.

     "So, what's happening again? I was barely awake when you tried to explain it to me," I climbed into the passenger's seat of V's Corvette.
     "Well, you know about how a few members from the Beach Boys jumped and killed three of our guys?" V asked me before he started the car.

     "I love how you say our guys as if I'm apart of the Crimson Angels myself," I rested my head on my hand, leaning more towards the window. "But yeah, I've heard. What about them?"

     "Well obviously, we want revenge. Killing only three of their guys is too easy and doesn't really mean much. We have a much, much worse plan in mind," He glanced over to smile at me, a forced, sarcastic smile with a hint of wickedness in it.

     "Great," I responded sarcastically as I began to wonder about how I got in the middle of gang warfare anyways. "Sounds like a fun time."

     "Hey, you signed up for this when you agreed to date me."

     "I agreed to be in a relationship with you, not help plan the death of thirty or more people."

     "Eh, same thing," He shrugged. "You should've read the contract better."

     I leaned forward slightly, resting my head on the back of my hands. "You're a dickhead, y'know?"

     "That was also in the contract. You really didn't read that did you?"

     I laid back against the seat again. "No, I didn't read your fake contract that you just made up on the spot. Oh how will I ever be forgiven for this sin?"


     "What's the password?" Lukas' blue eyes peered through the opening of the slightly ajar door.
     "You're a bitch," V answered to the blonde's question, folding his arms.
     "Close, but that's definitely not it," Lukas responded. I didn't wake up for this shit.
     "How about if you don't let us in, I'll call Ash and tell him you're locking us out?" I answered, knowing that would work.
     Lukas' eyes widened at the thought and then, suddenly, the door shut completely. I assume he was unchaining the door before he opened it for us. "Come right inside."
     "It's about time, bitch face," V so very politely spoke to Lukas before stepping in first, dragging me along behind him.

     We walked into Lukas' and Ash's bedroom, which was relatively small. It only had a queen-sized bed, a dresser with a tv on top, and a large desk with a lot of computers on it. Sitting in front of the computers was a rather tall boy with a crown of pink roses, white daisies, daffodils, and purple dahlias adorned on his light brown hair. He turned around of his swivel chair and gave us a warm smile. "Hey guys! I'm glad you made it," He swiveled over to one side to reveal what was on the main screen. "Take a lookie at what I found."

     While V went to check it out, I sat down on the bed, since none of this gang warfare was my business anyways. I ran my hand down the soft red blanket. I didn't realize it was completely knitted by hand at first glance. Who has the time to completely hand knit a blanket?

     "What exactly is this? A schedule?" I somewhat heard V ask, I was lost in thought about the blanket.

     "Yeah, a schedule for the Bitch Boys," Lukas was leaning against the doorway. How long has he been there? "When and where they're training their recruits."

     "Where do you even get information like this?" V turned his head around to see Lukas, who was walking over to stand behind Ash.

     "The leader's computer. Of course, I would tell you how, but that would take up too much time," Flowercrown answered, still keeping the smile on his face.
     "That's my talented princess," Lukas spoke to Ash before kissing him on the cheek, which Ash giggled in response.

     "Anyways," V interrupted them before they started fucking right then and there. "What's the plan exactly? We're gonna blow this place up?"

     "Well, you're the second-in-command. You tell me, boss," Lukas crossed his arm, sarcasm lightly danced around in his words.
     "I would probably need to discuss it with Adam first," V sighed, knowing he'd probably have to leave tonight to talk to his boss. "Do you have this printed out so I can take it to him."

     Ash started moving a bunch of papers around on his desk before finally finding the right papers and handing them to V. "Right here!" Ash gave V a little salute.

     "So is that all?" V asked, fanning himself with the papers he had just acquired.

     "Yeah, my baby boo here will try to get any more information he can," Lukas smiled while wrapping his arms around the back of the chair and, therefore, around Ash's back. Ash snuggled into his arms.

     "Well then, I'll just get out of your way so I can get back to How to Get Away With Murder and you guys can fuck," V cheekily smiled before turning around to face me. I didn't realize how stupid me being there was, just sitting around, listening to their conversation and not being able to contribute anything because I wasn't a gang member or had any talents that could help these two gangsters.

     I got up off of their bed, god only knows the shit they've done on that bed and took a couple steps towards my boyfriend, who took my hand in his. "Let's go," V started pulling me behind him again. Can't he take into consideration my tiny legs?

     "So, who exactly are the Beach Boys anyways?" I asked once we got into Lash's (That's what we call them) living room.

     V turned around, somewhat taken off guard by my sudden question. "The Bitch Boys? They're basically a bunch of surfers with guns. Not very threatening, in all honesty. Their base is like, ten miles up coast of where we live now."

     "You're okay living that close to an enemy gang?" Okay, so I suppose it wasn't that close, but still, close enough.
     "They don't know I'm there. Not like they'd care, anyways. They're not the brightest bunch."

     "Oh then you'd fit right in?"

     V narrowed his eyes at me and was probably about to say something, but then we heard a loud moan and it sounded suspiciously a lot like Ash's voice.
     "Damn those guys work fast," I mumbled under my breath.

     "Well then why don't we," V pulled me, by my hips,  very close to him "follow them up?"

     I just blinked at him for a moment. "You're not fucking me in Lash's house,"

     "Damn so close," He muttered before letting my hips go.

     "You little horndog," I almost laughed, since I knew he wasn't being serious. "I thought you wanted to continue watching How to Get Away With Murder?"

     "Uh, Netflix and chill," He responded.

     "If you're so desperate, I'll suck you off when we get home," I crossed my arms.

     "...I'm not desperate."

     I cocked my eyebrow at him.

     I ran my fingers through the white sand, not paying much attention to the sunset in front of me, despite that being the reason why V and I took a break from watching How to Get Away With Murder to begin with. I leaned my head against V's shoulder while I absentmindedly  drew various shapes in the sand, thinking more about my plan for tonight. 

     "Yanno," My eyes looked up to see the source of the sound only to be greeted by V's amber eyes, which looked very beautiful in the sunset lightning, by the way. "You never did tell me why your eyes were crimson. I mean, your twin looks pretty normal."

     "It's a genetic disorder," I answered, rolling my crimson eyes. "But thanks for saying I look weird."

     "I didn't say it was a bad thing," I defended himself. "I happen to really like your eyes. You can interpret them as the color of blood," He paused for a moment, his hand gracefully skimming down my face before he pressed his hand against my cheek, "or as the color of a blooming rose."

     I smirked up at him. "They're not that different," I whispered before he started kissing me. The kiss was slow and steady, with nothing but endless passion in between. His hands stayed pressed against my face while my fingers stayed locked in his black dyed hair. I could've stayed like that for all eternity and be happy with the rest of my life. It didn't know how long we were like that. It could've been seconds, minutes, days, we wouldn't notice. However, our lungs demanded oxygen and we soon has to pull apart, panting heavily but with smiles on our faces. I turned to look at the sky, which was once an explosion of bright orange and yellows, pinks and lavenders, once an explosion of cheerful hues and calming shades, was now slowly being devoured by the deep blues and blacks of the night. I frowned slightly for a second, not wanting this moment to end, wanting to keep this in a picture frame and be able to relive it over and over. However, since I wasn't born some magical witch with those abilities, I had to say goodbye to the daytime and embrace the night time. 

     I slowly got up off the sand and dusted myself off. "Well, we have things to do tonight, right?"
     V got up on his feet as well, pouting slightly. "Sadly."

     I turned around and barely caught whatever V threw at me. I looked down at the object in my hand.      "Why are you giving me your helmet?"

     "Because it covers your face, so I thought that might be useful when you're out stealing people's prized possessions," He answered, placing his hands on his hips. "I'm not taking my bike anyways, so I don't need it."

     I hesitated for a moment, but then I slowly put on my boyfriend's helmet. "Thanks, I suppose."

     "Do you need a ride somewhere?" He asked me.

     "Nah, I'm fine on foot," I replied before turning around to leave.

     "Wait!" I heard him call behind me.

     "Hm?" I turned around to see him run up to me and take my hand in both of his.

     "Um, you're coming back, right?" If I didn't know any better, I might say that there was nervousness in his voice.

     "Yeah, of course?" I thought the answer to that was obvious.

     "Promise me," He commanded, voice suddenly sharp.

     "What?" I was caught off guard by it.

     "Promise me that you'll meet me back here, Promise me that every time we go out, we'll always see each other in the daylight."

     I smiled under the mask, but of course he couldn't see it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  "I promise."