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The Smart Dog


The story is about a girl who thinks her dog is not smart and the dog ran away. find out what happened next.....

Do not think you are smarter than animal?
Do you know dog are useful in some part of human life?



once upon a time, there was a girl called Abigail, she has a dog called Stan. Abigail likes to train his dog in case if he

got trapped,so he could find his way out. Abigail noticed that Stan isn't focusing and always try to make him focus,

but the dog doesn't seem to care. Abigail kept trying and  even took the dog to the doctor to check maybe he was

  Abigail was frustrated and left the dog and don't care anymore. Abigail was mad at the dog and didn't talk or pet.

him anymore because he thought the dog was not smart . Stan was not happy and he ran away.

One day Abigail feel that she was lonely without Stan and went to the park to find Stan, Stan was also in the park but

he was hiding. Abigail saw two men coming and try to run but the men were faster than her she was caught and try

to kidnap her, Stan saw the men and remembered all what she has been teaching him and run to save her and he

succeeded. Abigail want Stan to come back home but he did not want to go because he was still mad at her. Abigail

was sad and pet Stan and he later went with her. Abigail regretted on how he reacted to Stan and noticed that Stan

was smart and she needs some training to help herself too.



Chapter 2

when Stan gets home everything was different, because Abigail did not train

him anymore he was mad but he didn't want to run away anymore. One day

Stan found out that Abigail has a boyfriend called lucas, Stan have seen the

boy before in the park with his girlfriend. Stan thinks he wanted to use

Abigail to pass his test because Abigail was smart and she is the most

intelligent in her classroom.

  Stan go to the park when Nobody is home, and always try to let Abigail see

lucas with his real girlfriend but Stan can't talk and Abigail don't have time

for Stan anymore because she is doing her and lucus project. Stan was

angry and sad because Abigail didn't have time for him anymore.

   one day Stan saw a letter dropped on the ground and ran to pick it up. he

saw that the letter was from Lucas, he ran and throw it to the bathroom

sink and flush it. Abigail was mad and throw Stan out of the bathroom,

Stan was angry and went to the room, Abigail don't want Stan to run

away again so she went to pet him and they forgive each other.